10 Soal Future Continuous Tense Lengkap Jawaban

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Latihan Soal Pilihan Ganda Bab Future Continuous Tense 
  1. They will …running away the next week.
    a. Keep
    b. Be keeping
    c. Keeping
    d. Keep to
  2. He … many books next day
    a. Is bring
    b. Bring
    c. Will be bringing
    d. Will be bring
  3. I will …soto when my mom will come tomorrow.
    a. Eat
    b. Be eat
    c. Eating
    d. Be eating
  4. You will be … this computer when I will come.
    a. Repair to
    b. Repairing
    c. Have repair
    d. Repair
  5. She … the food for her husband next morning.
    a. Will cooking
    b. Cook
    c. Cooking
    d. Will be cooking
  6. Reny …. at the office when you arrive.
    a. Have working
    b. Has working
    c. Will work
    d. Will be working
  7. My father . . . . . teaching at 10 a.m tomorrow.
    a. Will
    b. Will be
    c. Is
    d. Will
  8. My sister will not … at holiday.
    a. Studies
    b. Studying
    c. Be studying
    d. Studied
  9. I will …football with my friends tomorrow.
    a. Watching
    b. Watch
    c. Be watching
    d. Be watch
  10. Kiki . . . . . Nita tomorrow.
    a. Will helps
    b. Am helping
    c. Will be helping
    d. Help
  1. b. Be keeping
  2. c. Will be bringing
  3. d. Be eating
  4. b. Repairing
  5. d. Will be cooking
  6. d. Will be working
  7. b. Will be
  8. c. Be studying
  9. c. Be watching
  10. c. Will be helping