10 Soal (Pilgan) Future Continuous Tense Beserta Jawaban

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Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Future Continuous Tense 
  1. My mother will be . . . . . when I arrive.
    a. Sleeping
    b. Sleeps
    c. Sleep
    d. Slept
  2. My parents will be . . . . . a movie tonight.
    a. Watching
    b. Watch
    c. Watched
    d. Watches
  3. They . . . . . at nine tomorrow morning.
    a. Are fishing
    b. Will be fishing
    c. Go fishing
    d. Will fishing
  4. Manda and Kiki will not . . . . . the meal when you arrive at home.
    a. Cook
    b. Cooking
    c. Be cooking
    d. Cooked
  5. Will you be . .  the candles and the cake for Tari’s birthday?
    a. Bringing
    b. Bring
    c. Brought
    d. Brings
  6. George will be . . . Indonesia at 9 a.m tomorrow.
    a. Leaving
    b. Leave
    c. Left
    d. Live
  7. They will be … dinner at Mr.Crab restaurant tonight.
    a. Have
    b. Having
    c. Had
    d. Has
  8. Mia … going to the school tomorrow.
    a. is
    b. Would
    c. Will
    d. Will be
  9. Hary and susi …… in love each other.
    a. Falling
    b. Fall
    c. Will falling
    d. Will be falling
  10. I together with my friend …on Carita beach tomorrow.
    a. To walk
    b. Walk
    c. Walking
    d. Will be walking
  1. a. Sleeping
  2. a. Watching
  3. b. Will be fishing
  4. c. Be cooking
  5. a. Bringing
  6. a. Leaving
  7. b. Having
  8. d. Will be
  9. d. Will be falling
  10. d. Will be walking