13 Soal (Pilgan) Personal Pronoun Beserta Jawaban

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Kumpulan Soal Pilihan Ganda Materi Personal Pronoun 
  1. We wanted to arrive before dinner, but…flight was delayed.
    a. Its
    b. Our
    c. Ours
    d. Your
  2. This dictionary are…, and the one is mine.
    a. Your
    b. Yours
    c. Yourself
    d. You
  3. You should go to Jakarta…to meet the client.
    a. Herself
    b. Yourself
    c. Yours
    d. Herself
  4. I have finished my project alone. I worked all night by…
    a. It
    b. Myself
    c. Me
    d. Its
  5. I get many emails. I can’t read…all.
    a. They
    b. Them
    c. Our
    d. Ours
  6. If the weather is nice, we will go hiking. If … isn’t, we won’t.
    a. It
    b. Its
    c. They
    d. You
  7. Read these papers, sign your name on the bottom of each page, and then fax …to the lawyer.
    a. Her
    b. It
    c. Them
    d. Is
  8. Mr. Arman place a new office…office is large.
    a. Its
    b. Her
    c. Your
    d. His
  9. Peter and I are brothers…share a bedroom together.
    a. We 
    b. Her 
    c. He
    d. Him
  10. Sue isn’t well. Dad is taking…to see a doctor.
    a. We 
    b. Her 
    c. He
    d. Him
  11. My brother is a teacher. …. teaches English.
    a. We 
    b. Her 
    c. He
    d. Him
  12. All his students like … very much.
    a. We 
    b. Her 
    c. He
    d. Him
  13. Children,…are making too much noise!
    a. You
    b. They
    c. She
    d. It
  1. b. Our
  2. b. Yours
  3. b. Yourself
  4. b. Myself
  5. b. Them
  6. a. It
  7. c. Them
  8. d. His
  9. a. We 
  10. b. Her 
  11. c. He
  12. d. Him
  13. a. You