15 Soal Conjunction Lengkap Jawaban

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Latihan Soal Pilihan Ganda Bab Conjunction 
  1. Radha knows French;……., we have selected her to head our operations in France.
    a. Therefore 
    b. Otherwise
    c. Moreover 
    d. Provided
  2. ……. I had my lunch, I didn’t miss Pizza.
    a. Although 
    b. Moreover 
    c. Finally
    d. Already
  3. It wasn’t my will, … yours.
    a. Nor
    b. or
    c. But also
    d. But
  4. Kim eats many egg whites before work out … he wants to gain weight.
    a. Because
    b. So that
    c. Even though
    d. As
  5. . … you gave him 10 great reasons to never give up, he wouldn’t listen.
    a. Even though
    b. As
    c. Because
    d. So that
  6. Sammy had someone handle her passport … he went to abroad.
    a. When
    b. Before
    c. However
    d. Therefore
  7. The used car is very cheap; … , I want to buy it.
    a. When
    b. Before
    c. However
    d. Therefore
  8. She never helps anyone……having a lot of money.
    a. Otherwise 
    b. However
    c. Inspite of 
    d. Instead
  9. You shouldn’t go out….. it’s raining heavily.
    a. For 
    b. Already 
    c. Because
    d. But
  10. My mother….I went to the market for shopping.
    a. Or 
    b. Neither 
    c. Either
    d. And
  11. The weather was cold, … Bobby wore a jacket and gloves.
    a. Yet
    b. So
    c. Nor
    d. Or
  12. Please come on time,……. we may miss the flight.
    a. Otherwise 
    b. Therefore 
    c. So
    d. But
  13. We should avoid oily food …. be healthy.
    a. Finally 
    b. In order to 
    c. Consequently
    d. For
  14. I will give you my car… you come back before 5’o clock.
    a. As 
    b. Because 
    c. Consequently 
    d. Provided
  15. Thomas was not telling the truth. …. he was shouting at me.
    a. Provided 
    b. Moreover
    c. Although
    d. In order to
  1. a. Therefore
  2. a. Although 
  3. d. But
  4. a. Because
  5. a. Even though
  6. b. Before
  7. d. Therefore
  8. c. Inspite of 
  9. c. Because
  10. d. And
  11. b. So
  12. a. Otherwise
  13. b. In order to 
  14. d. Provided
  15. b. Moreover
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