20 Soal Present Continuous Tense Lengkap Jawaban

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Latihan Soal Pilihan Ganda Bab Present Continuous Tense 
  1. Vincent is usually going to school by driving his own car, but since a week ago his car has broken. So, he …… to school tomorrow.
    a. Walk
    b. Walks
    c. Is walking
    d. Walking
  2. Listen! She’s…….. 
    a. Beautiful song. a. sing 
    b. Singing 
    c. To sing 
    d. Sings
  3. . . . . . . listening to me right now?
    a. Do you
    b. Are you
    c. Did you
    d. Were you
  4. …listening to me now? 
    a. Is you 
    b. Are you 
    c. Was you 
    d. Does you
  5. There is something urgent happen and it is very dangerous for the nation. Due to that reason, the president … to contact his advisors now.
    a. Tries
    b. Tried
    c. Had tried
    d. Is trying
  6. The girl . . . . . at me.
    a. Smile
    b. Is smiling
    c. Smiling
    d. Is smiles
  7. This document is really urgent and need to be processed as soon as possible. So, the secretary ………………. the letter now.
    a. Typed
    b. Is typing
    c. Types
    d. Had typed
  8. We are . . . . . soccer competition at the moment.
    a. Watch
    b. Watching
    c. Watched
    d. Not watch
  9. Me and my friends have some jobs on abroad and we need to do it together as a team. We …………….. in Venezuela next month.
    a. Are flying
    b. Flying
    c. Flew
    d. Fly
  10. The clown is very interesting. All the children … happily.
    a. Is crying
    b. Are crying
    c. Are laughing
    d. Is complaining
  11. I just want to stay at home. I don’t want to go out because …
    a. It is raining
    b. It is beautiful inside
    c. The sun is shining nicely
    d. The flowers are blossoming
  12. Listen! May is … dinner in the kitchen.
    a. Putting
    b. Looking
    c. Cleaning
    d. Preparing
  13. Although she is not in a good condition … right now.
    a. She is having a rest
    b. She is lying on her bed
    c. She is driving to the office
    d. She is taking some medicine
  14. …, but she is often not confident.
    a. Dewi is an ugly girl.
    b. Dewi is a brilliant girl
    c. Dewi lives in a rural area
    d. Dewi likes reading very much
  15. The boys are practicing soccer on the field right now … they are preparing themselves for tomorrow’s match.
    a. Although
    b. Because
    c. But
    d. And
  16. Look! The cat is … fish because the cat is hungry!
    a. Sleeping
    b. Walking
    c. Eating
    d. Fishing
  17. I don’t want to come lateanymore so ….
    a. I go to school earlier
    b. I’m glad everybody likes me
    c. My teachers go to school earlier
    d. People ask me to go to school earlier
  18. The sun is … people are enjoying their time at the beach.
    a. Not on the sky
    b. Leaving the sky
    c. Shining brightly
    d. Hiding behind the thick cloud
  19. Anne : ….
    Yuma : I’m fixing my guitar.
    a. Why are you laughing?
    b. When are you leaving?
    c. Where are you going?
    d. What are you doing?
  20. Mr. Baker …(teach) his son to ride a bicycle.
    a. Are teach
    b. Is teach
    c. Are teaching
    d. Is teaching
  1. c. Is walking
  2. b. Singing 
  3. b. Are you
  4. b. Are you 
  5. d. Is trying
  6. b. Is smiling
  7. b. Is typing
  8. b. Watching
  9. a. Are flying
  10. c. Are laughing
  11. a. It is raining
  12. d. Preparing
  13. c. She is driving to the office
  14. b. Dewi is a brilliant girl
  15. b. Because
  16. c. Eating
  17. a. I go to school earlier
  18. d. Hiding behind the thick cloud
  19. d. What are you doing?
  20. d. Is teaching