26 Soal Simple Present Tense Lengkap Jawaban

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Latihan Soal Pilihan Ganda Bab Simple Present Tense 
  1. Our Math teacher … check the attendance list every day.
    a. Do not
    b. Does not
    c. Did not
    d. Not doing
  2. … the meeting take place in your office?
    a. Do
    b. Does
    c. Dod
    d. Don’t
  3. My father always …Karate every week.
    a. Practices
    b. Practicing
    c. Practice
    d. Is practicing
  4. Do your father and mother … in a hotel?
    a. Stays
    b. To stay
    c. Stay
    d. Staying
  5. Every day the security officer at my school …. around the building once every hour.
    a. Walks
    b. Is walking
    c. To be walking
    d. Walking
  6. Does your friend …. about this problem?
    a. Understands
    b. To understand
    c. Understand
    d. Understood
  7. My Biology teacher …. always kind to every student.
    a. Are
    b. Is
    c. Am
    d. Was
  8. The earth …. once within 24 hours every day.
    a. Rotating
    b. Rotates
    c. Rotate
    d. Rotated
  9. Handoko And Mrs Sunarni ….always happy every time.
    a. Am
    b. Is
    c. Are
    d. Were
  10. My father doesn’t …. coffee every morning.
    a. To drink
    b. Drink
    c. Drinks
    d. Drinking
  11. Eko, Yoga and Nanda ….my best friend.
    a. Is
    b. Am
    c. Was
    d. Are
  12. I and my friends … in library. We read some books
    a. Am
    b. Is
    c. Have
    d. Are
  13. She … not work because she has flu.
    a. Is
    b. Does
    c. Do
    d. Be
  14. Alina … song every night.
    a. Sings
    b. Sing
    c. Is
    d. Does
  15. Our English teacher always . . . . . . . our homework every week.
    a. Check
    b. Checked
    c. Checking
    d. Checks
  16. One of my friends always . . . . . to bali every year.
    a. Go
    b. Goes
    c. To go
    d. Going
  17. We…..lyric of the song
    a. Made
    b. Making
    c. Makes
    d. Make
  18. He……..to me
    a. Laughs
    b. Laugh
    c. Laughing
    d. Lauged
  19. . . . . . . . . your Uncle come here every year?
    a. Do
    b. Does
    c. Did
    d. Will
  20. The train always . . . . . on time.
    a. Arrive
    b. To arrive
    c. Arrives
    d. Arrived
  21. I don’t . . . . . . . time to swim on monday.
    a. Having
    b. Had
    c. Has
    d. Have
  22. My father … tea every morning.
    a. Drink
    b. Drinks
    c. Drinking
    d. Is
  23. They … a test every week.
    a. Does
    b. Has
    c. Are
    d. Have
  24. Dolph: Please call me if you need.
    Jack: No. I … need your help.
    a. Do not
    b. Does
    c. Not
    d. Am not
  25. She is a student. She … at school.
    a. Studying
    b. Study
    c. Studies
    d. Does
  26. They…..badminton every weekend
    a. Playing
    b. Plays
    c. Played
    d. Play


  1. b. Does not
  2. b. Does
  3. a. Practices
  4. c. Stay
  5. a. Walks
  6. c. Understand
  7. b. Is
  8. b. Rotates
  9. c. Are
  10. b. Drink
  11. d. Are
  12. d. Are
  13. b. Does
  14. a. Sings
  15. d. Checks
  16. b. Goes
  17. d. Make
  18. a. Laughs
  19. b. Does
  20. c. Arrives
  21. d. Have
  22. b. Drinks
  23. d. Have
  24. a. Do not
  25. c. Studies
  26. d. Play