35 Soal Present Perfect Tense Lengkap Jawaban

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Latihan Soal Pilihan Ganda Bab Present Perfect Tense 
  1. We……..cooked this delicious food special for you
    a. Had
    b. Has
    c. Have
    d. Having
  2. We ……………… what to do with the money.
    a. Has deciding
    b. Decide
    c. Is deciding
    d. Have yet to decide
  3. We have . . . . . in Bandung for several years.
    a. Live
    b. Living
    c. Lives
    d. Lived
  4. Bagas : You look so unhappy, Nata. What’s the problem?
    Nata : My father . . . . . his job.
    a. Has just lost
    b. Have just lost
    c. Losing
    d. Loses
  5. Mark … to school with his friends.
    a. Walked
    b. Has already walked
    c. Had walking
    d. Is walking
  6. Fadhil . . . . . in that Company for 2 years.
    a. Serve
    b. Have served
    c. Serving
    d. Has served
  7. They . . . . . resigned their current jobs this year.
    a. Have
    b. Has
    c. Are
    d. Were
  8. I….in Bali before
    a. Have been 
    b. Had been
    c. Having been
    d. Ever had
  9. . ….English since three ago
    a. I have teach 
    b. I having teaching
    c. I have taught
    d. I had taught
  10. John….in the same house since 1962
    a. Has lived 
    b. Had live
    c. Having been
    d. Have living 
  11. Have you….your bread
    a. Eaten
    b. Ate
    c. Eating
    d. Was eat
  12. We….our report
    a. Have already written
    b. Had already writting
    c. Having already written
    d. Has already Written
  13. We . . . . . out of gasoline.
    a. Have just run
    b. Has just run
    c. Have just running
    d. Has just running
  14. I……him for two hours
    a. Calling
    b. Calls
    c. Call
    d. Called
  15. Sinta has…….to the school for 3 hours
    a. Go
    b. Goes
    c. Gone
    d. Went
  16. Diana has……..for two hours
    a. Sleep
    b. Slept
    c. Sleeping
    d. Sleeped
  17. We have…….this major since last night
    a. Learned
    b. Learn
    c. Learning
    d. Learns
  18. Shane … around the world with his best friends.
    a. Travels
    b. Have traveling
    c. Is traveling
    d. Has traveled
  19. I……studied for two hours
    a. Have
    b. Been
    c. Has
    d. Had
  20. Kian …this movie three times.
    a. Sees
    b. Is seeing
    c. Has been seen
    d. Has seen
  21. We…….here since yesterday
    a. Has been
    b. Have been
    c. Had been
    d. Has
  22. Jack …………….. in the same house for twenty years.
    a. Lived
    b. Living
    c. Leave
    d. Has lived
  23. I have……a letter for 2 hours
    a. Write
    b. Wrote
    c. Written
    d. Writing
  24. I have……music for 15 minutes, it’s very good
    a. Listen
    b. Listening
    c. Listened
    d. Listens
  25. Marie …… in Dublin since 1980.
    a. Lives
    b. Live
    c. Is leaving
    d. Has lived
  26. We have……. this new novel together since yesterday
    a. Read
    b. Reads
    c. Reading
    d. Readed
  27. I have……a delicious food for them
    a. Cooked
    b. Cooks
    c. Cooking
    d. Cook
  28. Mark …. the entire book.
    a. Had been reading
    b. Is reading
    c. Has already read
    d. Read
  29. We have…….this film since last night
    a. Watching
    b. Watched
    c. Watches
    d. Watch
  30. The president … what to do …
    a. Either …. Or
    b. Neither ….. nor
    c. Both ….. and
    d. Has not decided …… yet
  31. They have…….me about this story
    a. Tell
    b. Told
    c. Telling
    d. Tells
  32. Sam … the results of the experiment.
    a. Has already recorded
    b. Is recording
    c. Has recording
    d. Had recording
  33. Diana…….sung this song
    a. Had
    b. Has
    c. Have
    d. Having
  34. We have…….in Bandung since 2004
    a. Live
    b. Lives
    c. Living
    d. Lived
  35. Patrick ………… the material for his next exam.
    a. Has yet to learn
    b. Is learning
    c. Has been learning
    d. Learns
  1. c. Have
  2. d. Have yet to decide
  3. d. Lived
  4. a. Has just lost
  5. b. Has already walked
  6. d. Has served
  7. a. Have
  8. a. Have been 
  9. c. I have taught
  10. a. Has lived 
  11. a. Eaten
  12. a. Have already written
  13. a. Have just run
  14. d. Called
  15. c. Gone
  16. b. Slept
  17. a. Learned
  18. d. Has traveled
  19. a. Have
  20. d. Has seen
  21. b. Have been
  22. d. Has lived
  23. c. Written
  24. c. Listened
  25. d. Has lived
  26. a. Read
  27. a. Cooked
  28. b. Is reading
  29. b. Watched
  30. d. Has not decided …… yet
  31. b. Told
  32. a. Has already recorded
  33. b. Has
  34. d. Lived\
  35. a. Has yet to learn