55 Soal Causative Verb Lengkap Jawaban

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Latihan Soal Pilihan Ganda Bab Causative Verb 
  1. The teacher … the students work quietly in the class.
    a. Got
    b. Made
    c. Had
    d. Let
  2. Tiara … her brother get rid of a mouse in her bedroom.
    a. Got
    b. Made
    c. Had
    d. Let
  3. Ferdi … a competent mechanic to repair his SUV car this morning.
    a. Got
    b. Made
    c. Had
    d. Let
  4. She … her daughter put the cherries on the cake.
    a. Got
    b. Made
    c. Had
    d. Let
  5. They have their trash … today.
    a. Taken out
    b. Take out
    c. Wash
    d. Washed
  6. Mario gets his house….
    a. Renovate 
    b. Renovates
    c. Renovating 
    d. Renovated
  7. My mother … me to help her finishing her cooking.
    a. Allow 
    b. Allows
    c. Allowed
    d. Allowing
  8. My brother lets his car …
    a. Borrow 
    b. Borrowing
    c. Borrowed 
    d. Borrows
  9. My mother …to accompany my little sister to the swimming pool yesterday.
    a. Has me 
    b. Have me 
    c. Had me 
    d. Have had me
  10. Dina ….wait for her in front of bookstore for three hours.
    a. Makes me 
    b. Make me 
    c. Making me 
    d. Made me
  11. Mr. Joe …. his employees to finish all annual reports in the end of this week.
    a. Have 
    b. Had 
    c. Has 
    d. Have had
  12. My grandfather has his wide land….
    a. Sell 
    b. Selling 
    c. Sold 
    d. Sells
  13. The director …his employees to get long leave at the end of the year.
    a. Allows 
    b. Allow 
    c. Allowing 
    d. Allowed
  14. My parents … me to decide what to do in the future.
    a. Help 
    b. Helps 
    c. Helping 
    d. Has helped
  15. My aunt … me to drive her new car two days ago
    a. Permit 
    b. Permits 
    c. Permitted 
    d. Permitting
  16. I have my brother …. my car right now.
    a. To repair
    b. Repairs
    c. Repair
    d. Me repairs
  17. My father …. me wash the car yesterday.
    a. Have
    b. Has
    c. Had
    d. His
  18. Let’s get mother … a cake on Sunday.
    a. To bake
    b. Bakes
    c. Bake
    d. Has bake
  19. The student makes the music ….
    a. To play
    b. Played
    c. Plays
    d. Playing
  20. She …. me … English.
    a. Help – Learns
    b. Helps – Learns
    c. Helps – Learn
    d. Help – learn
  21. Nita menyuruh/meminta saya untuk datang ke rumahnya sekarang.
    a. Nita has me come to her house right now.
    b. Nita make me come to her house right now.
    c. Nita gets me to came to her house right now.
    d. Nita make me to came to her house right now
  22. Joko ingin menyuruh/meminta mainannya diambilkan.
    a. Joko wants to gets his toy taken.
    b. Joko wants to get his toy taken.
    c. Joko wants to get his toy be taken.
    d. Joko want to gets his toy be taken.
  23. Don’t let me…to take my keys to the house with me.
    a. forget
    b. forgot
    c. to forget
    d. to forgot
  24. The manager is making his workers … this document.
    a. sign
    b. signed
    c. to sign
    d. to signed
  25. The teacher helped Carolina …the research materials.
    a. found
    b. find
    c. finding
    d. to find
  26. 4. A stranger helped the lost child … his home.
    a. found
    b. finding
    c. to find
    d. to found
  27. The doctor made the patient … in bed.
    a. stay
    b. to stay
    c. stayed
    d. to stayed
  28. Dr. Clark is letting the students … in the papers on Monday.
    a. hand
    b. handed
    c. to hand
    d. to handed
  29. Charles is getting his teachers …  him a make-up exam.
    a. give
    b. given
    c. to give
    d. to given
  30. The president had his advisors … a press conference.
    a. arranged
    b. to arrange
    c. arrange
    d. to arranged
  31. Emma got her paper …. by a friend.
    a. type
    b. typed
    c. to type
    d. to typed
  32. Mrs. Claire had her house … .
    a. paint
    b. painted
    c. to paint
    d. to paint
  33. “T ono is a lazy boy . ”
    “Yes, he always wants…for him.
    a. everything done
    b. having done everything
    c. to have done everything
    d. everything having been done
    e. to have everything done
  34. “ What a lovely gown you’re wearing!
    Do you make it yourself?”
    “No, I …”
    a. to be made
    b. had it made
    c. had to make it
    d. had to made it
    e. having made it
  35. The curtains are dirty, we … at the dir ty cleaner .
    a. must have washed them
    b. have washed them
    c. must have them washed
    d. are washing them
    e. washing them
  36. I don’t know how to arrange these flowers; I’d rather…
    a. have to do it
    b. have it done
    c. have done it
    d. do it
  37. As he hates shopping, he always has ….
    a. done it for someone
    b. someone has done it
    c. someone do it
    d. to do it for someone
  38. Father gets the plumber … the leaking tap. 
    a. fix
    b. fixes
    c. to fix
    d. fixing
  39. “I’m having trouble with my laptop again. I’ve done everything I can but It doesn’t work properly.
    “Why don ‘t you have Andy … it?”
    a. to fix
    b. fix
    c. fixes
    d. fixed
  40. ” This cake is delicious; Is it home-made?”
    “You know it isn’t; … “
    a. I baked it myself
    b. Linda asked me to bake it
    c. I had Linda bake it
    d. I had to bake it
  41. “The curtain of my room needs washing. “
    ” Well, go to the laundry and … . “
    a. wash them
    b. they are washed
    c. it should wash them
    d. have them washed
  42. “Can you send the letter ffor me? I’m in a hurry . ” 
    “Don ‘t worry , I will have Bima … it for you.
    a. fax
    b. faxed
    c. to fax
    d. faxes
  43. “It is impossible to translate the whole book by yourself. “.
    “Y ou’re right. I’d like to … a part it for me. “
    a. you have translated
    b. you have to translate
    c. have you translate
    d. have been translating
  44.  “I fixed the light in the bathroom yesterday , but it went out again today . “
    “Why don ‘t have an electrician … it?”
    a. checking
    b. check
    c. checks
    d. to check
  45. “Is no one living with your grandfather in that house?”
    ” No and he … anyone do anything for him for years. “
    a. never had
    b. has never had
    c. never has
    d. will never have
  46. Because she is ill, she wants … into her room. 
    a. to have her breakfast brought
    b. to have brought her breakfast
    c. having her breakfast brought
    d. she brings her brreakfast
  47. The fact that he was put into prison for something he had not done made his wife …
    a. cry
    b. cries
    c. crying
    d. to cry
  48. The schoolmaster had the students … their lessons before the exam.
    a. to review
    b. review
    c. reviewed
    d. reviewing
  49. Ayunara has beautiful plants in her garden, but they all seem to be dying. I am sure that she …
    a. seldom has them watered
    b. has asked somebody to water them
    c. never has to water them
    d. has always watered them
  50. A : “I like your garden. It is well-maintained. “
    “Do you still have time to tidy it?” 
    B : Of course not, … twice a week. “
    a. I have tidied it
    b. I have to tidy it
    c. I have it tidied
    d. I ask someone tidy it
  51.  “I can’t read this letter . I don ‘t understand French at all. “
    ” Oh dear! I don ‘t either , but let’ s … ” 
    a. translate it
    b. have it translate
    c. get it translated
    d. have translated it
  52. My mother has all dresses made because …
    a. she is a dress maker
    b. she cannot sew at all
    c. she likes sewing
    d. she cannot afford to pay a dressmaker
  53. 18. “Is your car new?”.
    “No, I … at my brother’ s garage. ” 
    a. had only painted it
    b. had to paint it only
    c. only had it painted
    d. had been asked to paint it
  54. “Where’ s your car?”.
    “I … . ” 
    a. have serviced it
    b. let service it
    c. have it serviced
    d. let it service
  55. I don’t have much time to do all my household work, so I always … 
    a. have helped somebody
    b. have to help somebody
    c. have somebody help me
    d. help somebody
Kunci Jawaban:
  1. b. Made
  2. c. Had
  3. a. Got
  4. d. Let
  5. a. Taken out
  6. d. Renovated
  7. b. Allows
  8. c. Borrowed 
  9. c. Had me 
  10. a. Makes me 
  11. c. Has 
  12. c. Sold
  13. a. Allows 
  14. a. Help 
  15. c. Permitted
  16. c. Repair.
  17. c. Had.
  18. a. To bake
  19. b. Played
  20. c. Helps – Learn
  21. a. Nita has me come to her house right now.
  22. b. Joko wants to get his toy taken.
  23. a. forget
  24. a. sign
  25. b. find
  26. c. to find
  27. a. stay
  28. a. hand
  29. c. to give
  30. c. arrange
  31. b. typed
  32. b. painted
  33. a. everything done
  34. b. had it made
  35. c. must have them washed
  36. b. have it done
  37. c. someone do it
  38. c. to fix
  39. b. fix
  40. c. I had Linda bake it
  41. d. have them washed
  42. a. fax
  43. c. have you translate
  44. b. check
  45. b. has never had
  46. a. to have her breakfast brought
  47. a. cry
  48. b. review
  49. a. seldom has them watered
  50. c. I have it tidied
  51. a. translate it
  52. b. she cannot sew at all
  53. c. only had it painted
  54. c. have it serviced
  55. c. have somebody help me