Contoh Descriptive text: My giant son Shidqi

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I have a giant son named Shiqi. He is the only child of mine. He lives with me and his mother, Trumiasih in Wonosegoro Bandar.
I call him, a giant son because of his big body. He is bigger than other babies of his age. He is about 12 kilograms of weight. He is also taller than any others. He has a big head too. He has wide black eyes and a pointed nose like his mom. He is not white and not black. He has brown skin for his parents are not white.
At the age of 14 months, Shidqi neither  can walk nor crawl but he can talk fluently. He can say “ Papah (father), Mamah (mother), Mbah (Grandparents)”, He also can say “Allahu akbar”. When My wife and I are praying, He observes us and imitate our movements. He sometimes imitates us.
Shidqi’s hobby is travelling, he can not just stay idle at home. He is so active that he goes around to explore many things and many areas. When I will go to work, He stops me and ride on my motorcyle. He doesn’t let me go. I must ride him around first before going to teach at school. This also happens when I go home.

In the morning, Shidqi eats  chicken porridge(bubur ayam). When lunch comes, her mom gives him promina, but sometimes her mom gives him rice, vegetables and meat. For dinner Shidqi often eats “arem-arem”.

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