Contoh Latihan Soal Teks Procedure SMP

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Contoh teks procedure
Teks Procedure untuk SMP
I. Complete the following procedure text with the words provided in the box!


How to make chicken rice
          2 plates of rice
          1 clove of garlic and onion
          2 tablespoon of (1) _________ sauce
          1 egg beaten
          100 grm of (2) _________ meat
1.      First, (3) __________ the oil and saute garlic until the garlic (4) _________ and also saute onion.
2.      After that (5) ___________ chicken, stir briefl (6) __________ slightly cooked.
3.      Nex, add the egg, and (7) ___________ until the egg are cooked cracked.
4.      And then (8) ___________ , tomato sauce, and salt, (9) __________ well with the spices.
5.      After that, to suit the (10)__________, you can add fried shrimp, or vern crackers.
§  Taste                                              – Stir   
§  Add                                               – smell out
§  Mix                                                – tomato
§  Put rice                                          – heat
§  chicken                                          – until
II. Complete the following procedure text with the words provided in the box!
How to make Sandwich
          8 pieces of white bread
          1 onio, (1)__________ it
          2 (2) ________________ eggs.
          4 cheddar
          8 (3) _____________ of mayonnaise
          4 pieces of (4) _______________
1.      Remove the skin of white bread then (5) ______________ it without butter.
2.      Remove the bread from toaster and (6) _______________ with mayonnaise.
3.      (7)______________ the other ingredients: onion, eggs, cheddar and lettuce. (8) _____________ them on the bread one by one.
4.      Add mayonnaise on (9) _______________ then cover it with another bread.
5.      (10) ______________ the bread into two, sandwich is ready to serve.
§  The top                                          – Cut
§  Toasted                                         – Fried
§  Chop                                             – Tablespoons
§  Lettuce                                          – Add
§  Put                                                 – Prepared
III. Read the following procedure text and answer the questions!


How to make pizza
1.      First, get some yeast and a pan
2.      Second, turn on your bread machine
3.      Third, put flour, yeast into bread machine.
4.      Fourth, take out in 30 minutes to an hour.
5.      Fifth, Smash tomatoes, put in pizza.
6.      Sixth, open cheese bag sprinkle on sauce.
7.      Seventh, put topping of your choice on the pizza
8.      Then, cook in oven 30 minutes to an hour.
9.      After that, open an oven and take out pizza.
10.  Finally, cut pizza into slices and it is ready to serve.
1.      What kind of text is it?
2.      What is the purpose of the text?
3.      Mention the generic structure of the text above?
4.      How many steps are there to be completed?
5.      What should we do after turning on the bread machine?
6.      What will we do before putting the topping on the pizza?

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