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Soal (Isian) Materi Coordinating Conjunction
  1. Jim was hungry, … he ate all burger.
  2. They eat … watch television at the same time.
  3. We are going to the beach … we finish taking the exam. 
  4. … we have lived in Paris, we have gone to every exhibit at the museum.
  5. At first, I ordered cheesy chicken,…my friend ordered fried chicken.
  6. After an hour, the waitress came back to our table and said, “I made a mistake. We don’t have chicken…. meatloaf.”
  7. I immediately wanted to leave the restaurant, …my friend wanted to stay.
  8. My friend ordered french fries … a burger, … I didn’t order anything.
  9. Some of my cousins are vegetarians, …they don’t eat meat.
  10. Vegetarians don’t eat chicken… meat, … sometimes they eat a little fish.
  11. My mom said that I need to be friendly, … I invited them to my house for dinner.
  12. They came to my house …brought their young son.
  13. She is still a baby,…he can’t talk yet.
  14. My new neighbors don’t drink tea … coffee, … I served lemonade with our meal.
  15. I offered them a choice of chocolate cake …apple pie for the dessert.
  16. The husband wanted both cake and pie,… the wife didn’t want either.
  1. so
  2. and
  3. after
  4. since
  5. But
  6. But
  7. But
  8. And, but
  9. So
  10. Or, but
  11. So
  12. And
  13. So
  14. Or, so
  15. Or
  16. But