Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Melengkapi Percakapan atau Dialog Singkat (Short Dialogues)

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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Melengkapi Percakapan atau Dialog Singkat (Short Dialogues)

1. Egy : Would you accompany me to the bookstore?
Sasha : ….
Egy : Thanks. I really appreciate it.

I’m disappointed
I’m not sure
Not at all
I don’t know

2. Alexa : How was your visit to the museum?
Lila : It was closed when I got there. … about it.
Alexa : I’m sorry to hear that.
I’m very pleased
I’m really disappointed
I’m very displeased
I’m very unsatisfied
I’m very happy

3. Kinara : What do you think of the effective way to reduce the spread of Covid-19?
Maya : … cleaning our hands, wearing a mask to cover our nose and mouth, and avoiding close contact are effective ways to reduce it.
I don’t know
How do you see
In my opinion
Are you certain that
I’m not sure

4. Ilham : How was your trip to Bromo?
Indra : … with it. I want to go there again next holiday.
I’m very pleased
I’m really disappointed
I’m not happy
I’m very unsatisfied
I’m very displeased

5. Ady : Look! the weather is getting better.
Rijal : …. I Thought we can go now.
What a relief
I’m very disappointed
Oh, this is bad
That’s all right
This is so disappointing

6. Man 1 : Ouch! You step on my foot.
Man 2 : I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hit you.
What does the Man 1 express?

7. Manda : What do you think of the movie?
Enda : …. I really love it.
It’s displeasing
It’s terrific
It’s disappointing
It’s very unsatisfying
It’s horrible

8. Shinta : Why do you look so upset?
Alya : It pointed hard day to day. It was raining when I went to school. It was difficult to get school bus. I had to wait for twenty minutes before the bus came.
Shinta : …
That’s good for you
That’s really nice
I’m terribly sorry to hear that
It’s a good news
It must be fun

9. Isyana : We went to Yogya yesterday. We spent our time shopping.
Rere : So, what do you think about Yogya?
Isyana : ….
As long as you like it
Yogya is a good place for shopping
Yogya is not far from here
Yogya is located near Semarang
It is a famous city in Java

10. Chandra : It seems you need something.
Wafa : My laptop doesn’t work well. May I use yours?
Chandra : ….
My laptop is at home
I don’t have a laptop
Sorry, I haven’t finished typing my work by using it.
It’s an expensive laptop
My laptop is not for rent

11. Hadi : The air pollution caused by cars and factories creates greenhouse effect and destroys the ozone layers.
Wira : ….
It is good for our health
everything is fine. Thank you.
Yes, It is a very bad situation
It would be delighted
It is none of our business

12. Zaky : Why hasn’t Mr. Andy come yet? His class is scheduled to begin now.
Mirza : Don’t worry, he will be here soon.
Zaky : …..
I will call him
I think he is fine
It’s impossible
We hope he will come soon
I don’t think he is

13. Man : Do you have any problems with our service in this restaurant, Mom?
Woman : ….
Thank you very much
No, I’m satisfied with it
Yes, please finish it
Sorry, I cannot do it
Yes, please

14. Mirna : Where are we going to stay?
Sasha : At Top Hotel near the beach.
Mirna : Why there ?
Sasha : …..
I stay there
It has the most satisfactory service
It’s on the beach
We should try it
There’s the hotel there

15. Rada : What’s the matter, Nana. you look so sad today.
Nana : My father is very ill and he has been hospitalized since yesterday.
Rada : ….
I think you should take a rest
I’m glad to hear that
I suggest you cheer up
I hope he would get better soon
It’s good for you

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