Latihan Soal Online Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 (Ganjil) Kelas 11 SMA- MA- SMK- MAK Tahun 2021/ 2022

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Hai sahabat Edukasi, selamat datang kembali di Pada post kali ini saya akan berbagi latihan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 11 SMA- MA- SMK- MAK dalam  menghadapi penilaian tengah semester (PTS) ganjil tahun 2021- 2022 setelah pada posting sebelumnya saya berikan untuk latihan soal PTS Bahasa Inggris semester ganjil kelas 10 SMA SMA- MA- SMK- MAK
Adapun materi pada latihan soal PTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 11 SMA- MA- SMK- MAK kurikulum 2013 edisi revisi sampai dengan pertengahan semester ganjil ini mencakup dua materi utama yaitu Offers & Suggestions dan Opinions & Thoughts. 
Latihan soal terdiri dari 25 butir soal pilihan ganda dalam bentuk tes online dimana teman- teman dapat mengerjakannya secara interaktif dan mengetahui skor pencapaiannya pada bagian akhir latihan. Nah, langsung saja berikut latihan soalnya, jangan lupa bagikan ke teman- teman lainnya bila bermanfaat dan tuliskan skor yang telah dicapai pada kolom komentar.


1. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no.1
Irgi : I’m terrible in English. I don’t know what to do about it. Do you have any recommendation?
Sarah : ….

A. I disagree with you
B. If I were you, I will take an English course
C. You must be so sorrowful
D. It must be difficult for you
E. You should choose reliable course

2. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no. 2

Hendri : What do you think about corruption?
Maman : I think corruption is not a big problem at all. Doing corruption is so human because everybody does it
Hendri : _____ . I think corruption produces bad mental

A. I am on your side
B. I have no idea
C. Do you think that?
D. I don’t think so
E. That’s right

3. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no. 3

FMaria : What is your opinion about my new dress?
Sandra : I think it is fancy dress

We know from the dialogue that ….
A. Maria is asking an opinion
B. Maria is giving an opinion
C. Sandra is declining an opinion
D. Maria agrees that the new dress is fancy
E. Sandra’s dress is new

4. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no. 4

Fira : I think many applications built in smartphone makes people lazy.
Nanda : ____ . I guess they are useful for people to ease their needs.

A. I have no idea
B. I think you are right
C. I deny that
D. I am on your side
E. I agree with you

5. Complete the following dialogue for the question number 5

Tisa: You look so tired, Miss Dewi.
Dewi : Yes, I am still very tired after a long trip from Bali by bus.
Tisa : You’d better take a rest.

From the dialogue we know that ….
A. Tisa was so tired after a long long trip from Bali by bus
B. Tisa suggest Miss Dewi to go by plane
C. Miss Dewi asked Tisa to take a rest
D. Tisa suggests Miss Dewi to take a rest
E. Miss Dewi and Tisa flew from Bali by plane

6. Complete the following dialogue for the question number 6

Manda : Mom, I want to stay at home. I have a really bad headache, and I can’t go to school.
Mom : _____ .

A. Are you?
B. You should go this way
C. You should see a doctor
D. Yes, it has been so long
E. Yes, you have a headache

7. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no.7

Yosi : The air pollution caused by cars and factories creates greenhouse effect and destroys the ozone layer.
Fitra : _____ .

A. It would be delighted
B. Yes, It is a very bad situation
C. Everything is OK. Thank you
D. It is good for our health
E. Sorry, I am not on your side

8. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no.8

Fadhil : ____ ?
Panca : I think the one one is better
Fadhil : Really? But this one is cheaper. And look at the design. It’s great isn’t it?
Panca : Yes, but it doesn’t have a Go Green sticker.

What do you think about this air conditioner?
A. What do you think about this air conditioner?
B. Have you complain about this air conditioner?
C. Do you agree with this air conditioner?
D. Are you satisified with this air conditioner?
E. Do you know this air conditioner?

9. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no.9

Mita : Where’s Ann?
Andy : I don’t know. In fact I ____ any of our friends since I arrived.

A. didn’t see
B. have not seen
C. wasn’t seeing
D. hadn’t seen
E. don’t see

10. Several hotels in this region are closing down because tourism … since the pandemy began.
A. declines
B. is declining
C. has been declining
D. had declined
E. was declining

11. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no.11

Vera : John, What seems to be the problem?
John : Well, I had bad cold and the doctor gave me some medicine.
Vera : Listen! Forget about that medicine. Try this herbal one.
John : Oh,no thanks.

We know from the dialogue that ….
A. John will take the herbal medicine
B. doctor only gives herbal medicine
C. Vera insists John to use herbal medicine
D. John needs herbal medicine to cure his bad cold
E. John refuses to consume herbal medicine

12. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no.12

Dharma : Why don’t you buy tose sport shoes? I think the material is good and they are quite cheap. Besides that, they will last long.
Katrin : You are right, but I don’t like the color.

It can be inferred from the dialogue that ….
A. Katrin won’t buy the sport shoes
B. Katrin likes the color of the shoes
C. Dharma will buy the shoes for Katrin
D. Katrin thinks that the shoes are cheap
E. Katrin wants to go to another shoe shop

13. Read the following dialogue to answer the question no.13

Wisnu : I’m going to do my office assignment
Anna : But, It’s lovely day dear? Why don’t we go for a walk?
Wisnu : Can you wait a few minutes? I have to finish this letter.
Anna : Don’t take too long.

From the text, Anna suggests Wisnu to ….
A. finish the assignments
B. write a letter
C. go to the office
D. do office’s job
E. go for a walk

Read the following text to answer the questions no.14 to 16

Continued progress in advanced technology is not necessary. Already the technical progress in our world has caused severe pollution in the air and in the water. Although the technical progress in previous years has been helpful, recent technology has significantly increased pollution. Another reason to stop technical progress is that many inventions which were developed for good causes are now also used for powerful weapons to have been found have serious side effects. For example, pesticide put inside particle boards to prevent termites has now be found to be toxic to human life. Technology does not always bring good effects; for example, computers do much work faster than man, but then man loses his job to a machine. Because no man can guarantee that technology will have only good effects and will be used only for the benefit of man, we should delay the continued development of technology.

14. The text mainly tells us about ….
A. The advantage of technical progress in our world
B. The necessity to delay technical progress
C. The development of technical progress to fulfill human’s needs
D. The examples of negative impacts caused by technical progress
E. The postponement of technical progress due to negative impacts

15. Why should we postpone continuing development of technology?

A. Because it brings good effects and bad effects for us
B. Because human does not need it anymore
C. Because no one can promise that technology will be only used for prosperity
D. Because technology will create new innovation that gives benefit to us
E. Because technical progress helps our job

16.“For example, pesticide put inside particle boards to proscribe termites has now be found to be toxic to human life”
The word “proscribe” has similar meaning to ….
A. prevent
B. authorize
C. allow
D. accept
E. enroll

Read the following text to answer the questions no.17 to 19

Liza wants to buy some books. She asks Maria to accompany her to go to the bookstore. Liza is interested to buy a novel, but she needs a dictionary. Her money is not enough to buy the both so Liza asks Maria to give suggestion. Then Maria suggests Liza to buy the dictionary first because she can borrow the novel in the library.

17. According to the text, Maria suggest Liza ….
A. to buy a dictionary
B. to go to a bookstore
C. to buy a novel
D. to borrow a dictionary in the library
E. to go to a bookstore

18. What might Liza say to ask Maria’s suggestion?
A. Do you have any idea?
B. Can I giive you a suggestion?
C. Should I give you a suggestion?
D. What do you think is better, a dictionary or a novel?
E. Should I buy both a dictionary and a novel?

19. According to you, How does Maria give Liza’s suggestion?
A. You’d better buy the dictionary
B. You can buy both the dictionary and the novel
C. It’s better you buy a novel
D. You should call your mother first
E. you may borrow the dictionary and the novel at the library

The following text is for questions number 20 to 22

The number of damaged roads linking Jakarta with West Java has certainly provoked complaints from locals and road users. Take for an example, the roads in Bekasi and Tangerang, which have been the focus of the media.
The poor condition of these roads not only jeopardizes road safety but also gives a squalid impression. Moreover, the condition will get worse when it rains. The roads are transformed into water pools or puddles, which can easily cause accidents if motorists are not careful.
No wonder if some people question why there are so many damaged roads and why repairs do not seem to last long. The government should pay special attention to these problems.
In my opinion, the road should be repaired using the right sort of asphalt, stones an sand. Repairs should be done carefully so that the roads can be prevented from constant damage. Otherwise, the repairs would be useless.

20. The main reason why local and road users complain about the poor condition of roads in Jakarta is ….
A. the roads become into water pools or puddles in rainy season
B. there is no attention from the government about the problem
C. it endangers road users when they pass into these roads
D. the damaged roads are repaired by the Government carelessly so they are easily broken
E. the repairs of the roads need more time to do

21. “The government should pay special attention to these problems.”
What does the underlined word refer to?
A. The accidents occurred during rainy season
B. The worse conditions during the rainy season
C. The poor condition of the roads
D. The repair of the damaged roads
E. Complaints from locals and road users

22. What is the main idea of paragraph four?
A. Locals and road users complain to local government about damaged roads in Jakarta
B. Damaged roads endanger the road users
C. The writer suggests the government to repair the damaged roads carefully
D. There are some questions from people about action to repair the roads
E. bRepair of the roads is useless

Read the following text to answer the questions no. 23 to 25

To: Nanda

Recycling basically involves turning used materials that are labeled as recyclable over to your local waste facility designated in a disposal container as “recyclable” materials to be taken and reused as material for a new purpose.
When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. If used materials are not recycled, new products are made by extracting fresh, raw material from the Earth, through mining and forestry. Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future.
Recycling reduces the need for extracting (mining, quarrying and logging), refining and processing raw materials all of which create substantial air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change. Current UK recycling is estimated to save more than 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year – the equivalent to taking 5 million cars off the road.
Thus, we are able to conserve our nature as well as to reduce pollutant in order to save the future generations.

23. What is the writer’s intention to write the text?
A. To describe recycling in general
B. To tell the readers the best way to save our planet
C. To give information how to recycle our garbage
D. To persuade the readers the importance of recycling
E. To share the needs of recycling

24. In what way does recycling conserve the wild?
A. It can reduce the emission of greenhouse gas
B. It can keep air and water free from pollutants
C. It can decrease the extracting new raw material from the Earth.
D. It can make people care about the natural habitats.
E. It can avoid the extinction of threatened animals

25. “Recycling reduces the need for extracting …”
The word reduces has similar meaning to ….

A. lessens
B. increases
C. advances
D. elevates
E. raises

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