Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD/ MI Semester 1 (Ganjil) Tahun 2020 – 2021

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Halo sahabat Ahzaa, pada post kali ini saya akan membagikan soal latihan PAS bahasa Inggris semester satu kelas 3 (tiga) SD/ MI. Materi pada soal latihan mencakup aktifitas atau kegiatan sehari- hari, deskripsi tentang suatu objek,  pengenalan bagian- bagian tubuh dan deskripsi hewan.

Semoga Soal ini dapat menjadi tambahan referensi untuk belajar bahasa Inggris khususnya dalam menghadapi penilaian akhir semester (PAS) bahasa Inggris kelas  3 (tiga) SD/ MI.
Nah, langsung saja, berikut Soal- soalnya,
Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Semester Satu Kelas 3 (Tiga) SD/ MI

1. : May I  ____ your pen? 
Y : Okay, here you are. 
X : Thank you 
Y : You are welcome 
A. borrow 
B. borrows 
C. borrowing 
D. borrowed

2. X : What do you do before having breakfast in the morning ? 
Y : I ____ in the bathroom. 
A. get up 
B. take a bath 
C. cook 
D. sweep 

3. Linda has a big house but Sofia has a … house.    
A. bad 
B. big 
C. wide 
D. small 

4. : Does he live at Jalan Mangga?    
Y : ____ . He lives at Jalan Rambutan 
A. No, he is not 
B. Yes, he does 
C. No, he does not 
D. No, he is 

No. 5 to 6 fill in the missing words !
We can ____ (5) delicious cake with our  __ (6)  .
A. taste
B. smell 
C. see
D. say 

A. mouth 
B. ears 
C. tongue 
D. eyes 

7. Liza says “No” while shaking her ___ . 
A. mouth 
B. feet 
C. body 
D. head 

8. The boy catches the ball with his ____ . 
A. hands 
B. eyes 
C. feet 
D. elbow 

The text is for questions no 9 to 11!
My class are having picnic on the beach. It is sunny day. The sun is shining brightly. The waves break on the sand. Some of my friends are swimming in the shallow water. Some of them are playing volley ball on the sand. I am sitting under the tree and enjoying ice tea. 
9. X : Where are the student going to have a picnic ? 
Y : They are going to the ____ . 
A. mountain 
B. beach 
C. zoo
D. museum 

10. X : How is the weather ? 
Y : It is ____ . 
A. cold day 
B. foggy 
C. sunny day 
D. cloudy 

11. X : ____ . 
Y : I am sitting under the tree. 
A. What are you doing ? 
B. What is he doing ? 
C. What is she doing ? 
D. What am I doing ? 

12. Anna wants to have medical check up so she goes to the  ____
A. school  
B. hospital 
C. bank
D. post office 

13. Nina goes to the ____ to save her money.
A. post office
B. bank
C. police station
D. market

14. The girls are ____ traditional costumes to celebrate Kartini day. 
A. wore 
B. wear 
C. wears 
D. wearing 

15. Indra gets toothache. He needs to ___ the dentist.
A. go
B. see
C. watch
D. do

16. Merry : Did you see ____ in the zoo?

Anna : Yes, I did. its body is very big and it has a long trunk.
A. elephant
B. giraffe
C. lion
D. tiger

17. Vina : What pet do you have?
Alfa : I have a ____
Vina : What is it like?
Alfa : Its name is Perry. It is very cute. Its colour is black. It can imitate someone’s voice. It likes to eat grains.
A. pigeon
B. parrot
C. chicken
D. dove

18. A : This animal eats grass, has a big body and can produces milk. What animal is it?
B : It is ____
A. rabbit
B. cat
C. cow
D. snake

19. X : Where are the students? 
Y : They are in the ____ . They want to search some books for Mr. Hari’s assignment
A. library
B. canteen
C. laboratory
D. school yard

20. X : When does Mita have breakfast?
Y : She has breakfast in the ____ 
A. morning
B. night
C. afternoon
D. evening  
Demikian Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Semester Satu Kelas 3 (Tiga) SD/ MI. Bagi teman- teman yang membutuhkan soal diatas, bisa mengunduhnya melalui tautan link berikut ini,
Semoga Bermanfaat

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