Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD/ MI Semester 1 Tahun 2020 – 2021

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Selamat datang kembali di blog Ahzaa, pada kesempatan kali ini kita akan berlatih soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 4 SD/ MI semester 1 (ganjil) tahun 2020/ 2021. 
Materi pada soal PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 4 SD semester satu ini akan berkutat pada materi greeting and leave taking, colour of things, things around us, numbers, human body dan family. Pada setiap soal sudah terdapat jawaban dengan sistem spoiler  sehingga sangat cocok untuk belajar mempersiapkan penilaian akhir semester kali ini.
Nah, langsung saja, berikut Soalnya,
1. Lisa  : Hello, Siti. Good morning.
Siti   : Hello Lisa. Good morning.
Lisa   : How are you?
Siti  : …. and you?
Lisa   : I am fine, too. Thanks.
a. How do you do?
b. Pleased to meet you
c. I am fine
d. good night

2. Mom  : … , dear. have a nice dream
Hana  : Good night, mom. Thanks.
a. good evening
b. good night
c. good morning
d. good afternoon

3. Teacher : Good bye, students . See you later. 
Manda  : Good bye, sir. ….
a. nice to meet you, too
b. see you
c. thanks
d. pleased to meet you, too

4. Athar : Hello Arin, How are you?
Arin  : …. . I have toothache. I have to see the dentist.
Athar  : Oh, I hope you will get better soon.
Arin   : Thank you.
a. pleased to meet you
b. I am fine
c. I am not well today
d. I am good

5. X  : How do you do?
Y  : ….
a. How are you
b. I am fine
c. How do you do?
d. Nice to see you

6. Dila meets Mrs. Dewi on the way when she goes back from school at about 1.00 p.m. She says ….
a. good afternoon
b. good night
c. good evening
d. good morning

7. Gery wants to go to bed, so he says … to her mom.
a. good bye
b. good afternoon
c. good night
d. good evening

8. A :  Whose  … bag is this? It looks great.
    B : That is mine. Thank you.

Its colour is ….
a. blue
b. yellow
c. black
d. white

9. A : What is the colour of the umbrella?
    B : the colour is ….

a. yellow
b. red
c. blue
d. purple

10. A : What is the colour of the apple?
      B : It  is ….

a. black
b. red
c. yellow
d. blue

11. A : Are these … shoes yours?
      B : No, these aren’t.  They are my father’s shoes.

a. brown
b. black
c. red
d. grey

12. We need … to brush our teeth.
a. shampoo
b. toothbrush
c. soap
d. water tap

13. Mother peels the mango by using ….
a. knife
b. mixer
c. dipper
d. plate

14. A : What can you find in the bathroom?
      B : I can find … in the bathroom.
a. blanket
b. pillow
c. bolster
d. dipper

15. Mother makes porridge and puts it in the ….
a. bowl
b. glass
c. cup
d. kettle

16. A    : What do you use to hang wet clothes after being washed?
      B    :  I use a …

a. hanger
b. spoon
c. fork
d. tap

17. Lina likes climbing mountain. She always protects her body from cold weather by wearing ….
a. gown
b. T-shirt
c. jacket
d. skirt

18. Mother keeps vegetables and fruits to be fresh in the ….
a. wardrobe
b. cupboard
c. refrigerator
d. table

19. To keep the clothes, mother uses ….
a. table
b. refrigerator
c. wardrobe
d. shelf

20. Arrange those words into a good sentence
stove – in – We – find – can –  the kitchen

a. Can we find in the kitchen stove
b. We can find stove in the kitchen
c. In the kitchen can we find stove
d. find we can stove in the kitchen

21. A : what number is it?

B : It is number ….

a. thirty
b. fourteen
c. forty
d. forty one

22. X : what is the number after nineteen?
Y : It is number ….
a. eighteen
b. twenty
c. twenty one
d. twenty two

Dialog for number 23 – 24
Shinta : Where did you go last night?
Arya : I went to the stationery last night. 
Shinta : What did you buy?
Arya : I bought  five pencil, ten books, three pens, two rubbers, and one pencil case. 
23. Where did Arya go last night?
a. school
b. library
c. bakery
d. stationery

24. How many things did Arya buy totally?

a. twenty
b. twenty one
c. twenty two
d. twenty four

25. We use … to smell something
a. eyes
b. ear
c. nose
d. skin

26. To chew the food, I use ….
a. hands
b. teeth
c. feet
d. eyes

27. To taste the food we use ….
a. eyes
b. ear
c. tongue
d. skin

 28. My father’s mother is my …
a. cousin
b. aunt
c. grandmother
d. grandson

29. My uncle has a son. He is my …
a. niece
b. nephew
c. cousin
d. aunt

30. My sister’s son is my …
a. nephew
b. niece
c. cousin
d. uncle

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