Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD/ MI Semester 1 (Ganjil) Tahun 2020 – 2021

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Halo sahabat Ahzaa, Post kali ini kita lanjutkan lagi ya ke soal latihan PTS bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD/ MI. Soal PTS bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD/ MI mencakup materi directions and locations, daily activities, shopping, past activities, dan describing objects

Tingkat kesulitan soal disesuikan dari tingkat yang mudah sampai dengan sulit sesuai dengan kemampuan siswa kelas 6 SD/ MI. 
Nah, langsung saja, berikut Soalnya,

1. A : Do you know where the vase is?
B : Yes, The vase is … the table.
source :
a. behind
b. on
c. in
d. under

2. Look at the pencil!
source :

It is … the pencil case.
a. in
b. on
c. under
d. behind

3. Please don’t sit  … the chair. One of its legs is broken.
a. on
b. in
c. under
d. behind

4. Look at the picture!
source :
The teacher is standing … the classroom.
a. behind
b. beside
c. in front of
d. above

Look at the map and answer the questions number 5 -8

5. A : What is the location of the bank?

    B : It is … of the stationery.
a. beside
b. between
c. across from
d. opposite of

6. A : Can you show me … the gas station is?
    B : Of course. It is on Jl. Mawar
a. why
b. where
c. when
d. what

7. If you want to go to the post office from your position, you should ….
a. go straight ahead at Jl. Mawar, the post office is beside the school
b. go straight ahead at Jl. Kenanga, until the T Junction turn right at Jl. Mawar. Post office is beside the school
c. go straight ahead at Jl. Kenanga, until the T Junction turn left at Jl. Mawar. Post office is beside the school
d. go straight ahead at Jl. Flamboyan, turn left at Jl. Mawar. Post office is beside the school

8. Based on the map, the bakery is located …  the museum.
a. across from
b. next to
c. beside
d. behind

9. A : What do you usually do on Sunday?
B : I usually go … with our family. 

a. jogging
b. surfing
c. camping
d. cycling

10. A : What do we need for camping in an open space?
     B : The most important thing we bring is …  . Besides that, we should bring portable lamp,  jacket, camp stove, and sanitizer.
a. swimsuit
b. hook
c. tent
d. camera

11. My family went to the …  last holiday. We could see some animals like tigers, orang utans, elephant, and many more.
a. zoo
b. fair
c. mall
d. park

Read the text and answer the question number 12 – 15
One of my hobby is gardening. I always work in my garden in my spare time. Cleaning, watering, and planting are my activities in my garden.
I have many plants in my garden such as mango trees, rambutan trees, and papaya trees .  I also plant many flowers there. There are roses, sunflowers and jasmines. They look beautiful.   
12. What is the writer’s activity in her spare time?
a. cycling
b. reading
c. gardening
d. jogging

13. Does the writer have any flowers?
a. Yes, she is
b. No, she is not
c. Yes, she does
d. No, she doesn’t

14. The flower that is not planted by the writer is …. 
a. roses
b. jasmines
c. sunflower
d. orchids

15. The word “they” in the sentence “They look beautiful” refers to …
a. trees
b. rambutan trees
c. flowers
d. papaya trees

16. Andy is 150 cm tall.
Niko is 153 cm tall.
Niko is … than Andy.
a. tall
b. tallest
c. taller
d. the tallest

17. Read the statement !
It needs five hours to go from Semarang to Jakarta by train and if we go to the same route by plane, it will only needs one hour.

Based on the statement above, we can describe that plane is … than train.
a. fast
b. faster
c. slow
d. slower

18. The price of T-Shirt is Rp. 60.000, – and the price of jacket is Rp. 80.000,-
It means that the price of T-shirt is … than the price of jacket.
a. cheap
b. cheaper
c. expensive
d. more expensive

Text for number 19 -20
Ms. Maya is our new English teacher. She replaces Mrs Nana who moved to another city. All students in our class like Ms. Maya. Besides she is  kind and patient when teaching us, she is beautiful, too. She has an oval face, pointed skin, yellow skin and straight hair.
19. Who is Ms. Maya?
a. student
b. headmaster
c. English teacher
d. student’s mother

20. It can be concluded that Ms. Maya is ….
a. pretty
b. ugly
c. tall
d. short

21. X : Where do you want to go?

      Y : I want to go to the ….. I want to buy a cake for my father’s birthday.
a. butcher
b. fruit stall
c. bakery
d. grocery

22. X : …  does the jacket cost?
      Y : It costs a hundred thousand rupiahs.
a. How many
b. How
c. How much
d. What

23. The students buy their school materials such as paper, pencil, pen, pencil case in the ….
a. stationery
b. grocery
c. butcher
d. bakery

24. A : Is this your pencil case?
      B : yes, It is ….
a. my
b. your
c. mine
d. yours

25. Maura … TV last night.
a. watch
b. watched
c. watches
d. watching

26. The students … to the library to borrow some books yesterday.
a. go
b. goes
c. going
d. went

27. Rudi’s class is big but his sister’s class is ….
a. small
b. flat
c. short
d. tall

28. X : Is that your bicycle?
      Y : Yes, that is … bicycle.
a. your
b. his
c. her
d. my

29. You have a new bicycle. 
It means that the bicycle is ….
a. you
b. your
c. yours
d. you’re

30. They have a new house. The new house belongs to ….
a. they
b. their
c. them
d. theirs

Demikian Soal PAS SEMESTER GANJIL BAHASA INGGRIS KELAS 6 SD/ MI, Semoga menjadi tambahan referensi belajar untuk menghadapi PAS mendatang. Oya bagi teman- teman yang membutuhkan soal- soal diatas, bisa klik tautan link di bawah ini untuk mengunduhnya, 

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