Soal PAS (Penilaian Akhir Semester) Ganjil Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP/ MTs Tahun 2020/ 2021

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Halo sahabat Ahzaa, pada post kali ini saya akan mempublish Soal PAS (Penilaian Akhir Semester) Ganjil kelas 9 SMP/ MTs tahun 2020/ 2021. Soal latihan ini merupakan rangkaian dari soal latihan PTS Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 SMP/ MTs yang sudah dipublish beberapa saat yang lalu. 
Adapun materi susunan soal mencakup materi kelas 9 bahasa Inggris semester ganjil yaitu expression of hope and wish, expression of  congratulation, expression of agreement, expression of purpose, label text, procedure text, present continuous tense past continuous tense, dan present perfect tense.
Baik langsung saja inilah soal latihannya.


1.  Andy : Hi Liz, Do you have any plans on Sunday?
     Liza : Hi , Andy. I think I’m free on Sunday. 
     Andy : How about going to Marina Beach?
     Liza : That’s a good idea. …
A. I hope it won’t rain that day
B. I wish you good luck
C. I hope you can finish your homework on time
D. I hope you have a good time 

2.  Chika  : PSBB program is applied to reduce the spread of Covid-19. 

    Geri : …
A. Good luck
B. I hope it is very effective to reduce it
C. I do hope that everything will be fine
D. I hope not

3.  X : I get a notification informing that I have an interview next Monday.
    Y : …
A. I hope so
B. Good luck. I hope you get the job you’ve been dreaming of
C. Let’s hope so
D. I don’t hope you will be successful in your interview
4.  A  : Do you think Covid-19 will end soon?
    B : …
A. Let’s hope not
B. I hope not
C. I hope they will do so to reduce the spread of Covid-19
D. Hopefully it will end soon but it depends on our actions to reduce it
5.  X : Congratulations. You won the School Badminton competition for this year!
     Y : …
A. My happiness
B. I don’t think so
C. Yes, I do
D. Thank you 
6. A : I heard you got the scholarships to study at university.
    B : Yes, you are right. I worked hard for it.
    A : I believe in you. Congratulations
    B : ….
A. Not at all
B. You’re welcome
C. Thank you
D. No big deal

7. Student 1  : Teachers should give many tasks to students in learning from home program.

   Student 2 : ____ because it will fulfill our time by doing many tasks than wasting time to play game.
A. I don’t have any idea
B. It’s up to the teachers
C. I am on your side
D. I don’t agree at all

8. X : The government will give students free internet data for distance learning next month. 

   Y : Oh, that sounds good. ____ as it will lighten the burden of parents in buying internet data for their children’s learning.
A. I absolutely disagree
B. I strongly agree
C. It’s hard to do
D. Let’s wait and see

9. Teacher : The regulation will ask student who breaks the law to leave out of school. What do you think? 

     Student : Sorry, sir. ____ It doesn’t give good solution for students’ future. 
     Teacher : Good! Any other idea?
A. I strongly agree
B. I think it’s a good idea
C. I don’t agree
D. We support the regulation

Look at the picture to answer number  10 to 14
source :
10. What is the text about?
A. describing the ingredients of the product
B. giving guide to consume the product
C. informing the details of the product
D. explaining the uses of the product

11. The medicine is intended for relieving ….
A. major pains
B. minor pains
C. permanent headache
D. permanent minor pain

12. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. If you suffer from Asthma, you are suggested to use this medicine
B.  It is suggested to take this Aspirin for a long period
C. It is important to ask a doctor before taking this medicine if you have a history of stomach problems
D. Children and teenagers who are recovering from chicken pox or flu-like symptoms can consume this product

13. How many tablets are there in the package?
A. 25
B. 50
C. 75
D. 100

14. “…consult a doctor because these symptoms could be an early sign …”
The underlined word has similar meaning to ….
A. syndromes
B. indications
C. targets
D. habits

Text for number 15 -16
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Andika Sautama
It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.
Congratulations on your new home
May your new place give you ….
Warmth, happiness and lots of joy!
Your sincerely
Mr. and Mrs. Irfan Hakim 
15. We know from the text  that Mr. and  Mrs. Andika Sautama have just … a new house
A. sold 
B. built 
C. bought
D. moved into 

16. Why does the writer write the card?
A. To congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Andika Sautama for  their moving into a new house
B. To give warmth and happiness for Mr. and Mrs. Andika’s house
C. To ask Mr and Mrs. Andika Sautama to come to  their house
D. To help Mr. and Mrs. Andika Sautama build a new house
Text for number 17 – 19

17.   Why does the writer write the text?
A. To inform about a birthday party
B. To invite someone to the birthday party
C. To amuse the readers about the birthday party
D. To give information about the birthday party

18.  When will the party be held?
A.   In the evening
B.   In the morning
C.   In the afternoon
D.   At midnight

19.  Which statement is NOT TRUE based on the text?
A.   Vita Maharani was born in 2006
B.   The party will be held in the afternoon
C.   The invitees should inform Endah about their coming
D.   Vita Maharani will be 17 years old in 2022

Text for number 20 -22

1. Remove the back cover, using a small screwdriver to loosen the screw
2. Remove batteries and replace with two new AAA batteries. use the + and – signs to position correctly. dispose of used batteries properly.
3. Replace the cover and tighten the screw with the screwdriver
4. Reset the time using the side buttons
The GMX 200 is guaranteed to keep time accurately for one full year from date of purchase. should it malfunction in any way during this time period, your money will be refunded in full.
20.  What are these the  instructions for?
A. Changing the batteries
B. Replacing cover
C. Repairing batteries
D. Getting a refund

21. It can be referred from the text that ….
A. the GMX 200 is a disposal garbage
B. used batteries can be replaced in the product
C. the users will get full refund if there is malfunction during the guarantee period
D. there are two kinds of batteries to replace the old batteries

22. “Dispose of used batteries properly”
The underlined word has similar meaning with ….
A. discard
B. extricate
C. retrieve
D. liberate

23. I met sandy when we were at elementary school. We … each other for over fifteen years.
A. know
B. knew
C. have known
D. will know

24. ‘Excuse me, but … in my place.’ ‘ Oh, I’m sorry.’
A. you sit
B. you sat
C. you are sitting
D. you were sitting

25. Ann … along the road when she met Evan.
A. walks
B. has walked
C. is walking
D. was walking

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