Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) Ganjil Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX (Sembilan) SMP/ MTs Tahun 2020- 2021

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Selamat datang kembali di Blog Ahzaa, pada post kali ini saya akan berbagi Soal bahasa Inggris kelas IX SMP/ MTs untuk menghadapi penilaian tengah semester (PTS) ganjil tahun 2020- 2021. Materi pada Soal berkutat pada materi kelas IX SMP/ MTs yaitu Expressing hope, expression of congratulation, agreement and disagreement, dan label.

Jumlah soal sebanyak 25 butir soal pilihan ganda lengkap dengan jawaban dibawah setiap soal tersebut. Nah, langsung saja berikut Soal- soalnya,
Choose the correct answer!
Text for Question number 1 -3
Congratulations, graduate !

We knew you could do it. We are so proud of you, Hendra.

Mom & Dad
1. What is the text about ?
a. Congratulating someone
b. Doing something proudly
c. Being proud of someone
d. Meeting Hendra

2. Who wrote the text ?
a. Hendra’s friends
b. Hendra’s family
c. Hendra’s parents
d. Hendra’s grandparents

3. Why did the writer say that they were so proud of Hendra?  … .
a. Because he has failed
b. Because of his graduation
c. Because the writers love him so much
d. Because they want to hold graduation party

Text for Questions number 4 -6
Happy Birthday to you
To my dearest son
Sensing birthday wishes
Your way on this very important day,
Along with the hope for a bright
And positive year ahead
May God always blesses you
Many happy returns
4. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To congratulate on someone success
b. To congratulate on the graduation
c. To say happy birthday
d. To express gratitude

5. Who gives the letter?
a. His grandparents
b. His father
c. His uncle
d. His brother

6. The phrase “Many happy returns” means ….
a. Welcome back home
b. Happy and joyful life
c. Wishing you a happy day
d. Congratulations

7. “May God always blesses you
The underlined word refers to ….
a. father
b. son
c. daughter
d. mom

Text for Questions number 8-11
Dear Aliya,

Congratulations !
I am really excited hearing about your success in getting the first winner in the inter school English debate competition. I understand how hard you prepared it. I am very proud of your achievement. I hope you reach your dream to be a winner in the national English debate competition.

8. Why does Andini write the text?
a. To congratulate Aliya on her achievement
b. To invite Aliya to join national English debate competition
c. To support Aliya to prepare English debate competition
d. To tell the winner of the English debate competition

9. It can be concluded from the text that ….
a. Aliya has been a winner of national English debate competition before
b. Aliya didn’t prepare well for the competition
c. Aliya is very proud of her achievement
d. Aliya wants to be a winner of national English debate competition

10. “I hope you reach your dream to be a winner…”
What does the underlined word mean?
a. lose
b. manage
c. achieve
d. separate

11. “I hope you reach your dream to be the winner in the  national English debate competition.” The sentence means ….
a. Aliya is the winner of the  national English debate competition
b. Aliya has been the winner of the national English debate competition many times
c. Andini shows her hope that Aliya will win the national English debate competition
d. Aliya wants to prepare for the next competition

Read the dialogue for questions number 12 to 13

Teacher : The new school regulation will ask students who break the law to leave out of school. What do you think?
 Dina : Sorry, sir. I don’t agree because It doesn’t give good solution for students’ future.
 Teacher  : Good! Any other idea?
Arini : Well, in my opinion, I’m not on Dina’s side, sir. I think breaking the law is a part of  crime so that the students involved should leave out of school and be processed by the police.

12. From the dialogue it can be assumed that ….
a. Dina and Arini have the same opinion about the new school regulation
b. Dina feels that the new school regulation has bad impact to the students’ future
c. The teacher agrees to Dina’s opinion
d. Arini has better opinion than Dina’s

13. “in my opinion I’m not on Dina’s side, sir. I think breaking the law is a part of a crime …”
The underlined words shows that ….
a. Arini agrees with Dina’s opinion
b. Arini has the same point of view with Dina about the issue
c. Arini disagree with Dina’s opinion
d. Arini has better opinion than Dina’s

Text for number 14 – 16

14. What is the topic of the text?
a. Informing details of the product
b. Explaining how to store the product
c. Telling the way to consume the product
d. Describing the ingredients of the product

15. Why should the product be drunk within one day only?
a. Because it may be deteriorated after opening.
b. Because it does not contain preservatives.
c. Because it is a natural product.
d. Because it needs refrigerating

16. What is the biggest part of the product?
a. Banana puree
b. Lemon juice
c. Apple juice
d. Coconut milk

17. “A blend of apple juice, banana, pineapple juice and coconut milk.” The underlined word has similar meaning to ….
a. division
b. transmission
c. separation
d. mixture

18. Hanif : The government plans that remote learning for students will be applied permanently. I think technology will  spread in many learning aspects.
Banyu :  …. The problem is not all of the students are able to apply technology in learning especially in the remote area.
a. I agree
b. I guess not
c. I couldn’t agree more
d. I don’t think so

19. Ira : Teachers should give many tasks to students for improving their skills
Andhara : …. We will be skillful after leaving the school and ready to face the future.
a. I am on your side
b. I don’t have any idea
c. I don’t agree at all
d. It’s up to the teachers

20. Mila : Do  you think that living in a village is more enjoyable than living in a town?
Jalu :  … . We can get quieter situation and fresh air everyday.
a. I’m on your side, Mila
b. I don’t have an idea
c. It’s up to you
d. I disagree with you

21. Indra : Do you think Japanese language is easier than English language?
Evan : No, … Japanese is more difficult than English. Really.
a. I don’t know
b. I agree
c. I don’t think so
d. It’s very different, Indra.

22. Indah : You danced beautifully last night, Lin. ….
Lina : Thank you very much.
a. I doubt that you will win the competition
b. You should practice well
c. I’m not happy for that
d. I’m sure you will win the competition

23. Ichi : … . It’s very unique. I have wanted for this for a long time
Ega : You are welcome
a. Thanks for your coming on my birthday
b. Thank you for calling me
c. Thank you for the cake
d. Thank you for your gift

24. Antony : I heard that you got the first rank the men’s single badminton championship 2020.
Momota : Yes, you are right. I worked hard for it.
Anthony : I believe you. ….
Momota : Thanks
a. Good for you
b. I don’t care of you
c. That’s what I think
d. Congratulations

25. Alex : I will participate in robotics competition for junior high school students next week. Wish me luck, Rara.
Rara : …
a. No, I won’t. I also join the competition and I will beat you, Alex
b. Good luck. I hope you will win the competition, Alex
c. I don’t care, Alex.
d. I hope so

—Selamat Berlatih —

Demikian  Soal Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS)  Ganjil Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX (Sembilan) SMP/ MTs  Tahun 2020- 2021. Semoga bisa menjadi bahan berlatih buat adik- adik semua….

Semoga Bermanfaat,


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