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Short message didefinisikan sebagai pesan singkat yang digunakan untuk menyampaikan sesuatu kepada orang lain karena tidak bisa bertemu secara langsung. Pesan yang dikirimkan tersebut biasanya menyuruh seseorang untuk melakukan atau tidak untuk melakukan sesuatu. Beberapa jenis pesan yang sering ditemukan adalah bentuk pesan tertulis (written message) dan pesan elektronik (electronic message). Pesan tertulis biasanya berupa pesan dalam secarik kertas. Pesan elektronik berupa pesan elektronik baik melalui SMS atau media sosial semacam Whatssapp atau Telegram. 

Ada tiga unsur dalam short message yaitu 
  1. Receiver (penerima)
  2. Content (isi)
  3. Sender (pengirim)
Lingkup soal pada materi short message adalah seputar menentukan topik/ tujuan teks tersebut, informasi detail tentang short message, informasi tersirat maupun tersurat, penerapan sinonim kata dalam teks dan simpulan dari isi teks short message. 
Nah, untuk melengkapi pembahasan diatas, berikut Soal tentang materi short message khususnya untuk tingkat SMP yang bisa dipelajari.
Exercise Short Message
Text 1
To : Anna (the chair student of 8A)
Ann, inform to your classmates. during the learning from home program, all students must have Google account to facilitate our coordination in distance learning. I need your help to collect all of your classmates’ email by the end of this week. Please send the students’ email data to
Mrs. Jihan
1.  Why does Mrs. Jihan send the message to Anna? Because …
A. the students send their email data to Mrs. Jihan
B. Ann has her classmates submit their data to Mrs. Jihan
C. Mrs. Jihan wants her students in class 8 A to submit their email data
D. Anna is the chair of 8A 

2.  Based on the message above we know that ….
A. the message is for all students at school
B. the students can submit their data by themselves to Mrs. jihan
C. the message is intended for students of 8A
D. Anna must send the data by SMS

Text 2

To Andra
Ndra, I’m sorry I can’t come to your house tonight to do the science project as we have planned. My mother asked me to accompany her to meet the dentist. Perhaps we will reschedule our plan to do the science project tomorrow night.
3.  What is the purpose of the text?
A. to inform Andra that Sultan’s mother had toothache
B. to  tell Andra that Sultan cannot do the science project because he will accompany his mother
C. to reschedule the science project
D. to tell Andra about the changing of doing the science project
4.  What is Sultan and Andra’s plan?
A. to meet the dentist
B. to accompany Sultan’s mother to the dentist
C. to do the science project together
D. meet Sultan’s mother

Text 3
Dear Mita
Do you have any plans for next weekend? Anggi and I are going to Lawang Sewu and Kota Lama Semarang. Besides enjoying the objects, we will take some photographs to complete our school project. It’s been long time since we spent a weekend together there. Will you join us? If you are interested, let me know soon.
5.  What is the purpose of the text above?
A. to ask someone to join a vacation
B. to invite someone to have a picnic
C. to tell the plan of having a trip
D. to inform someone  about the changing picnic time

6.  It can be concluded from the text that ….

A. They haven’t gone to Lawang Sewu and Kota Lama before
B.  Zeta knows that Mita will not join her
C.  Mita won’t have plan to do next weekend
D.  They will take photographs for their school project

Text 4

Hi, mom

Jenny and I have just arrived at Malang in good condition. Guess what! Now, we together stay in a small but comfortable hotel. The room is very beautiful although it is not very big. The color of the wall is cream, so it feel warm inside. The curtains are arranged beautifully. The furniture is nice too. The room has a sofa and a small TV set. Anyway, don’t worry about us again, okay? We always love you, mom.

Your beloved daughter,

Message from:

7.    What does the hotel look like?
A. It is full-size
B. It is small and uncomfortable
C. It has small rooms but beautiful
D. The rooms of the hotel are so chilly inside

8. “Now, we together stay in a small but comfortable hotel”. The underlined word refers to ….
A. Jenny, Alya and their beloved mother
B. Jenny and Alya’s mother
C. Alya and her beloved sister
D. Alya’s mother and Alya

Text 5
To: Ann
Sorry dear, I can’t keep my promise to accompany you to the bookstore tonight. I have to meet Mrs. Nana at 6.30 pm. Please, don’t be angry.
9. Why does Mom write the text?
A.    to apologize for not keeping the promise.
B. to tell Ann that she has to meet Mrs. Nana
C. to tell Ann that she has to go to the meeting.
D. to say that she cannot meet her in the bookstore

10.   How is Ann’s mother feel about her promise?
A. disappointed
B. amazed
C. comfortable
D. guilty 

Text 6
Our plan to visit Karimunjawa islands is cancelled. The weather is not good to sail. I will let you know later. 

11. From the text we know that …
A. Dinda and Nana go to Karimunjawa islands.
B. Dinda is from Karimunjawa islands 
C. Karimunjawa’s weather is fine.
D. Dinda  and Nana cancel their visit.

12. How are Dinda and Nana going to visit Karimunjawa islands?
A. By bus
B. By ship
C. By train
D. By  plane

Text 7
Dear Mira,
I am sorry I have to tell you that I can’t go to the public library with you after school. Unexpected thing happens, my grandma must be hospitalized soon. I’ll tell you about my free time later.

13. What is the message about?
A. A sick grandma
B. A delay of an activity
C. Going to the public library
D. A great plan

14. Linda can’t go to the public library because…
A. she has another agenda 
B. she has to work in the hospital.
C. her grandma is sick.
D. Linda must be hospitalized.

Text 8
Dear Liza
I’m going to celebrate my graduates from faculty of law at Diponegoro University. Please come to Happy Resto at Tentrem Hotel on Saturday evening August 29th 2020 at 7:30 p.m. We will share the happiness together with my brother, and parents.
I’m looking forward to seeing you
15. What is the aim of the text above?
A. To give information
B.    To advise the reader
C. To persuade the reader
D.    To invite someone
16. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the text?
A. Erna likes Indonesian food.
B. The party will be held in a restaurant.
C. The sender will have a party with her family.
D. The sender has just graduated from local university.

17.  “I’m looking forward to seeing you”. The underlined phrase means ….
A.    search 
B.    catch
C.    wait
d.     seek
Text 9
To : Hendra
I need a pair of sport shoes for the Physical Education tomorrow morning. Please return my shoes this evening.

18. The writer writes the message to ….
A. ask Hendra to return his shoes.
B. ask Hendra to wash his shoes.
C. tell Hendra about his schedule
D. tell hendra that he must wear sport shoes for the Physical Education
19. “Please return my shoes ….” 
The underlined word means ….
A. let something drop
B. give something back
C. make something better
D. send something home
20.   What will probably Hendra do after receiving the message?
A.    He will ignore the message
B.    He will return Gerry’s shoes back
C.    He will tell Gerry that he also use the shoes
D.    He  won’t return Gerry’s shoes
Text 10
To : Mr. Agus

I have a problem with my car. The engine is difficult to start. Please, come to my house to repair it soon. My family will go to Surabaya by it in the next two days. Sorry, I wrote this message because you were not in your garage.

Thank you
Mr .Ali

21. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To give instruction
B. To offer help
C. To ask services
D. To give services
22. What is possibly Mr. Agus?
A. A mechanic
B. A driver
C. A dealer
D. An engineer

23.   From the text we know that ….
A.    Mr. Agus is in his garage
B.    Mr. Ali’s family will go to Surabaya by bus
C.    The car is in Mr. Agus’s garage
D.    The car’s problem is difficult to start engine

Text 11

To Dennis
Tomorrow there will be English lesson in my class and my English book is still in your place. Don’t forget to return it today. Thanks.

24. What is the message about?
A. Bringing the English book.
B. Returning the English book.
C. Giving an assignment.
D. Studying English.
25.   It can be concluded from the text that ….
A.    Dennis forgets to return Merry’s book 
B.    Dennis borrowed Merry’s English book
C.    Merry has English lesson today
D.    Merry asks Dennis to bring her book after English lesson

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