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Soal Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris SMA / SMK dan SMP kali ini kami sajikan lengkap dengan jawaban. Dimana menjelang detik-detik ujian nasional berbasis komputer pasti diadakan simulasi ujian oleh kemdikbud. Sebagai bahan latihan adik” sekalian, kami sedikit memberikan latihan yang dapat anda gunakan sebagai tambahan bahan belajar.

Listening Section Part I : menentukan gambaran umum atau informasi tersurat / tersirat dari percakapan interpersonal / transaksional yang diperdengarkan.

Mari simak soal selengkapnya dibawah ini:


Soal No 1 Materi : Asking For and Stating Opinions

Boy  : I unintentionally heard you playing the piano

Girl  : What do you say about that?

Boy : You played it very very beautifully. Do you practise it every day?

Girl : I do.

Narrator : What can we conclude from the dialogue?

A. The girl is a famous musician

B. The girl did a music performance

C. Plating the piano is the girl’s hobby.

D. The boy practises music everi day.

E. The boy is fond of playing a musical instrument.

Jawaban : C


Soal No 2 Materi : Expressing Supposition

Girl  : Which way should we take? Should we turn right or left?

Boy  : Let me see te map. O gosh, I left it at home. How could we reach the waterfall?

Girl : Aren’t there any signs showing the way?

Boy  : No, there aren’t.

Girl  : If we don’t find any signs, we can ask a villager.

Narrator : What whould happen if the boy brought a map?

A. They would be lost

B. They would meet a villager

C. They would arrive home soon

D. They would find a way home

E. They would find a way to the waterfall.

Jawaban : E


Soal No 3 Materi : Criticizing

Girl : You told us that you would go to a stationery shop for a while, but why do you arrive late?

Boy : I’m sorry. I met my old friend in the shop, than we had dinner in a fast food restaurant.

Girl : You can call to inform us, but you didn’t. You have made us worried.

Boy : I am really sorry.

Narrator: Why did the girl blame the boy?

A. He always keeps his promise.

B. He didn’t go to a stationery shop.

C. He didn’t have lunch with his family.

D. He didn’t meet a friend in a stationery shop.

E. He didn’t inform his family about his late arrival.

Jawaban : E


Soal No 4 Materi : Asking for and Giving Information about Self Identity

Boy : Excuse me. Are you Chintya, Candra’s cousin?

Girl: Yes. Who are you?

Boy : T’m Arkan, Candra’s friend. He asked me to fetch you here. Have you been waiting for a long time?

Girl: Not yet. My ship just anchored.

Narrator: Where does the boy meet the girl?

A. At the airport

B. At the harbour

C. At the  bus stop

D. At the bus station

E. At the  railway station

Jawaban : B


Soal No 5 Materi : Showing Attention

Boy : didn’t see you at the course yesterday. What happened?

Girl: I had to take care of my youngest sister. My mother went to the hospital.

Boy : Who was sick?

Girl: My uncle.

Narrator : Why did the girl take care of her sister?

A. Her mother was sick.

B. She had nothing to do.

C. She didn’t have a course.

D. Her mother visited her sick uncle.

E. Her mother went to her uncle’s house.

Jawaban : D


Soal No 6 Materi : Asking for Attention

Girl : Excuse me, Sir. May I have your time. please?

Man : Sure. Please sit down. What canI do for you?

Girl : We are going to have an interclass football competition and we need your agreement. Here is the proposal.

Man : Okay.I will read the proposal first. You may leave it here.

Girl : Yes, Sir. Thank you.

Narrator: What should the man do after reading the proposal?

A. Ask the girl about it

B. Put a signature on it

C. Discuss it with the girl

D. Write his opinion on it

E. Return it to the girl

Jawaban : B


Soal No 7 Materi : Asking for, Giving Facts and Denying Facts

Man : Did you know that tomorrow will be national batik day?

Woman: Yes, and we are expected to wear batik Costumes.

Man : We should be proud of wearing batik as it’s our ancestor’s heritage.

Woman: You’re right.

Narrator: What is the conversation about?

A. A great expectation.

B. An ancestor’s heritage.

C. Preserving a heritage.

D. The celebration of a national day.

E. A pride of wearing traditional costumes.


Soal No 8 Materi : Asking for, Giving Facts and Denying Facts

Boy : Why are you daydreaming?

Girl : Iam searching for an idea for my writing.

Boy : Do you have a writing assignment?

Girl : No.I am going to participate in a story writing contest conducted by a teen magazine.

Narrator: What is the girl’s plan?

A. Read an amusing story.

B. Write an interesting story.

C. Work on her writing assignment.

D. Search for an idea for her writing.

E. Send an article to a magazine

Jawaban : B

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Soal No 9 Materi : Asking for and Giving Items

Boy : Ma’am, I’d like to borrow these books.

Woman : Okay. Please pass me your card.

Boy : Here it is.

Woman : Hmm. you are still borrowing a book,aren’t you? You are only allowed to borrow one more book.

Boy : Yes, Ma’am.

Narrator: Who are talking in the dialogue?

A. Student and librarian.

B. Student and teacher.

C. Student and principal.

D. Student and canteen owner.

E. Student and laboratory officer.

Jawaban : A


Soal No 10 Materi : Apologising

Woman : I am terribly sorry that I could not attend your party.

Man : That’s okay.

Woman : Anyway, congratulations on your moving to a new house.

Man : Thank you.

Narrator: What was the man held?

A. A birthday party.

B. A farewell party.

C. A new year party.

D. A graduation party.

E. A housewarming party.

Jawaban : E


Soal No 11 Materi : Asking for and Giving Permission

Woman : Excuse me, Sir. l’d like to have two days off.

Man : Okay. Is there something important?

Woman : Yes.I am going to visit my father in the village. He is sick.

Man : Hope he will recover soon.

Narrator: Where is the woman going?

A. A village.

B. A hospital.

C. A company.

D. A down town.

E. A medical clinic.

Jawaban : A


Soal No 12 Materi : Expressing Agreement and Disagreement

Girl : We have an assignment of making a video of a procede. Do you have any idea?

Boy : What about the video of making bricks? We can ask Mr. Tom, a brick maker, how to make them.

Girl : agree with you. When can we meet him?

Boy : I’ll call him first for appointment.

Narrator: Why do the speakers want to meet Mr. Tom?

A. They will ask for information.

B. They will help him make bricks.

C. They will submit their assignment.

D. They will watch a video about making bricks.

E. They will see the process of making bricks.


Demikian Soal Simulasi UNBK Bahasa Inggris kali ini. Tema Listening Section Part I. Semoga dapat menjadi bahan belajar yang bermanfaat.

Akhir kata, Selamat menghadapi UNBK, Semoga mendapatkan hasil yang sangat memuaskan.


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