Soal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MA Semester Ganjil

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Contoh Soal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawabnya Terbaru – Bagi sahabat bospedia dimana saja berada yang ingin sekali mempelajari Soal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MA ini, adik adik bisa menguduh materi ini di bospedia dalam bentuk file doc. Berikut ini adalah rincian Soal UAS BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 10 SMA/MA..

1. Tulis namamu di sudut kanan atas
2. Bacalah setiap soal dengan teliti.
3. Kerjakan dulu soal yang kamu anggap mudah.
4. Periksa kembali pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan pada Pengawas/Guru

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, or d

1.My parents … fishing with their friends
a. went
b. goes
c. go
d. going

2. Siti: Mr. Katara, I’d like to introduce my self. _____ a new secretary at Inc.
Mr. Harjono: How do you do? It’s nice to meet you.
Yuli: How do you do? It’s nice to meet you, too.
a. She’s Siti
b. I’m Harjono
c. I’m Siti
d. He’s Harjono

3. Nowadays people prefer using small cars than big ones because they are more…
a. economic
b. economically
c. economical
d. economize

6. Wooden – shelves – small – orange – move – Winda – the – to – living – room
The correct arrangement of the sentence is…..
a. Winda move the orange small wooden shelves to the kitchen
b. Winda move wooden small orange shelves to the kitchen
c. Winda move the shelves wooden small orange to the kitchen
d. Winda move the small orange wooden shelves to kitchen
7. Mr. Bondy is a performer. His work is to make a joke and make people laugh. He usually
performs on a television program. He is so funny and makes other people feel happy. He is
a …
a. workharder
b. comedian
c. consultant
d. singer

10. Mrs. Susi: How are you, Mrs. Betty?
Mrs. Betty : Fine thanks, … Mrs. Susi.
Mrs. Susi: Me too.
a. Nice to meet you
b. Never mind
c. Can I help you?
d. See you then

11. A: Hi, my name is Khansa. How do you do?
B: … , nice to meet you.
a. How are you?
b. I’m fine
c. How do you do
d. I’m alright

14. As I don’t have enough capital to start a business, I would like to apply for a … from the
a. loan
b. cash
c. debit
d. deposit

15. The boys … the jacket must be a tourist
a. wears
b. wearing
c. to wear
d. she wears

16. Dian and Yunita … professional dancers.
a. am
b. are
c. is
d. was

19. Daughter: Mom, have you seen my report card?
Mother : Sure. You are great, my daughter. I’m….
Daughter: Thank you, mom.
a. ashamed of you
b. stolen up with you
c. happy to hear that
d. very proud of you

20. Supri … to his office by bus.
a. goes
b. gone
c. had gone
d. go

23. … If borrow this book ?
a. would
b. may
c. do you mind
d. want you

24. … I take your umbrella ?
a. do you mind
b. will
c. could
d. want

II.Answers these questions correctly !
1. ‘I’d never seen Borobudur tempel until I Visited the Borobudur temple in Magelang city
means …
Answer: I saw Borobudur temple for the first time in the Magelang city

2. October 23th 1983. The correct way to say this expression is …
Answer: October the twenty third, nineteen eighty three.

3. Customer : ………………….
Waiter : Certainly, madam. I’ll bring your drink soon.
Answer: I’d like some coffee/ a cup of tea/ milk/ minerals (etc), please

4. Harun : Good morning. May I speak to Ulfi?
Ulfi : It’s me. Who’s speaking?
Harun : I am Harun. Ulfi, why were you absent from class?
Ulfi : I got a fever two days ago and I am still not well.
Harun : Oh, dear. I hope ……
Ulfi : Thanks.
Answer: You’ll get better soon

5. Solihin didn’t like the movies and neither did Paijo.
This sentences means ….
Answer: Both Solihin and Paijo didn’t like the movie

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