Soal UAS/ PAS Ganjil Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMK Tahun 2020/ 2021

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Hai Sahabat Ahzaa, pada post kali ini akan saya bagikan soal latihan mapel Bahasa Inggris untuk menghadapi UAS/ PAS Kelas XII SMK semester Ganjil. Adapun lingkup materi expression dan reading mencakup pada giving services, planning future, giving suggestions, advices, giving instructions, news items, application letter dll. 

Untuk soal latihan sendiri terdiri dari 30 butir soal dengan komposisi soal yang mencakup materi materi diatas. Baik, langsung saja berikut Soal- soalnya,
Soal UAS/ PAS  Ganjil 

Bahasa Inggris 
Kelas XI SMK 

Tahun Pelajaran  2020/ 2021
The dialogue is for number 1 to 2
Man : What can I do for you?
Woman : I’m looking for a science book.
Do you have one about chemistry?
Man : Well, you’d better check it in the catalogue.
Woman : Thanks
1. What is the dialogue about?
A. looking for a book
B. helping for someone
C. giving a service
D. checking data in the catalogue

2. Where does the conversation probably take place?
A. in a park
B. in a library
C. in a bookstore
D. in a bank

The dialogue is for number 3
Man : Ann, you look so pale. What happened?
Woman : I’ve got stomachache. It was very troublesome.
Man : You have to see the doctor soon, Ann
What is the dialogue about?
A. a troublesome woman
B. The woman’s anxiety
C. The woman’s health problem
D. The poor woman

The dialogue is for number 4
Woman : Dad, May I use your car?
Man : You haven’t got a driver license, have you?
Woman : No, but my friend hasn’t got the driver license either.
Man : I’m sorry you can’t, dear.
Why does the man forbid the woman to use his car?
A. she has no driving license
B. His friend will take her
C. she has never driven before
D. she is under seventeen years old

The dialogue is for number 5
Man : Don’t forget to prepare the material for my presentation tomorrow.
Woman : Don’t worry, sir. I have saved it into your laptop.
Man : ….
What is the best response to the woman’s question?
A. Well, nice. I will learn it tonight
B. don’t mention it
C. I think you should prepare the material now
D. don’t be afraid

The dialogue is for number 6
Man : It seems you need something.
Woman : My laptop gets trouble. May I use yours?
Man :  ….
What is the best response to the woman’s question?
A. I’m sorry, I haven’t finished my typing
B. I never lend my laptop
C. I don’t have a laptop
D. My laptop is new

The dialogue is for number 7
X : Where are we going to stay?
Y : At the TOP Hotel near the beach.
X : Why there?
Y : ….
What is the best response?
A. It’s on the beach
B. I like its satisfactory services
C. It’s expensive
D. I have been there 

The dialogue is for number 8
Woman:   Do you have any plans for next weekend?
Man  :   I am thinking of going mountain climbing.
Woman:   That’s interesting. Can I go with you?
Man  :   Sure. Do you have any suggestions for activities there?
Woman:   …
What does the woman probably respond?
A. Sorry, but I don’t know much about that. 
B. Yes, we could have a barbeque there. 
C. Yes, I think that mountain is too high. 
D. Yes, I really love mountain climbing.

The dialogue is for number 9
Man : I have to repair my Notebook this afternoon and then I’m going to bookstore
Woman: Let’s go together. I need to buy some books too
Man : I’ll pick you up around three OK?
Woman:  …
What is the woman’s possible response?
A. Are you sure? You lie to me!
B. You are not on time 
C. You are so good
D. I wish you could come!

The dialogue is for number 10
Man : Where can I fish around here?
Woman: Near Ambarawa. There is a big lake with some of the best fishing in this part of this city. 
Man : …
What is the man’s possible response?
A. Sounds great
B. It’s terrible
C. Let me see
D. Don’t worry

The dialogue is for number 11
Evan Where are  you  going to go tonight?
Rijal  : I will  go to the computer store to buy a new laptop. My old one is out of order. If don’t mind, would you accompany me ?
Evan : ______ . I’m busy myself tonight. I still have much to do. 
A. By all means
B. It’s my pleasure
C. I wish I could
D. I am sure not

The dialogue is for number 12
Arya : What do you intend to after graduating from vocational high school?
Taka : I ________ in Semarang.
Arya : What department will you take ?
Taka : Architecture engineering 
A. am planning to continue my study 
B. am unwilling to continue my study  
C. plan to get married right away 
D. intend to apply for a job

The text is for number 13 – 16
PMA indoor furniture company with
High quality export standard
Is looking for a qualified candidate
For the position below:
1.  Male/Female, Max 30 years old
2.  Min. S1 from reputable university
3.  Having at least 2 years experience in the same field
4.  Speak excellent in English both oral and written
5.  Computer literate
6.  Can work in a team
7.  Energetic, dynamic, and creative
Please send application, CV, recent photograph and expected salary to:
PO BOX 177011 SMG
Code: EK2341PM
13. What is the text about?
A. looking for a production manager
B. giving detail of a product
C. requiring a manager
D. promoting a company

14. What does the company export?
A. Indoor furniture
B. Outdoor furniture
C. Computer software
D. A qualified manager

15. Which of the following does not belong to the qualifications of the candidate?
A. Experienced.
B. Able to drive.
C. Able to speak English
D. Able to give written order in English.

16. What requirement is  mainly needed?
A. 3 years experience
B. S2 degrees
C. able to work individually
D. good English

17. “Please send application, CV, recent photograph ….”
The underlined word has similar meaning to ….
A. Good
B. Nice
C. Cute
D. New

The text is for number 18- 20
Children among 12 killed in Bali landslides
Three landslides struck Bangli district in Bali on Friday leaving 12 people dead and five others injured, according to the Bali Disaster Mitigation Agency.
Heavy rainfall on the tourist island over the past several days has generated floods across the province leading to landslides hitting Songan, Awan, and Sukawana villages, located in Kintamani sub-district on the slopes of Mount Batu, agency spokesperson Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said. 
“We warn people to continue to be vigilant about further disasters,” Sutopo said, adding that more heavy rain was likely in Bali and people should be aware of the possibility of landslides and floods.
Members of two families were among those killed in Songan village including a 1-year-old boy, his 7-year-old sister and their mother. Four people were killed in Awan village, and one person died in Sukawana village.
The agency said two people in Songan village were hospitalized with severe injuries, two others suffered minor injuries, and five homes were buried. (dan)
Source :
18. The news tells us about ….
A. The number of victims in Bali landslides
B. Landslides happened in some areas in Bali
C. Heavy rain caused floods in Bali
D. The possibility of landslides and floods in Bali

19. What is expected by Sutopo as the agency spokesperson to  people about Bali landslides?
A. to evacuate their relatives to other safe places
B. to be more cautious about floods and landslides that might be happened
C. to help the victims of the disasters
D. to hospitalize injured people in that disaster

20. What is the main idea of paragraph four?
A. Three landslides happened in Bangli districk in Bali
B. The Bali Disaster Mitigation Agency released many people that were hospitalized after landslides
C. Heavy rainfall was the main cause of floods and landslides in Bali
D. Many people in three villages in Bali were killed due to floods and landslides

Text is for number 21 – 25
175 Mission Lane
Ogden, Utah 84402
August 15, 2020
Dr. Francisco Gomes
Chairman Department of Chemistry
University of Colorado at Denver
Denver Colorado 80202
Dear Dr. Gomes,
I have read the announcement of the scholarship in chemistry that the university of Colorado is offering, and I would like to submit my application.
The enclosed application form for admission to the graduate school  of your university will give my educational history. However, I would like to point out that I have just received an. M.S degree in chemistry with highest honour. For one semester, I acted as teaching assistant in chemistry, working with Prof. Saramma. My thesis involves Polymer chemistry which I understand is a specialty at the University of Colorado. I would like to concentrate in that field for my advanced studies.
If you should require further information I shall be happy to provide it. I would welcome the opportunity to have a personal interview.
Sincerely yours
Diane Valente
21. What is the letter about?
A. asking for an interview
B. applying for a job
C. looking for a job
D. applying for a scholarship

22. Why did Diane Valente write the letter?
A. to seek for an internship opportunity in Colorado University
B. to give information about a scholarsip in Colorado University
C. to ask about further information of the scholarsip offered by Colorado University
D. to propose a scholarship in Colorado University

23. Which is NOT TRUE about the letter?
A. Diane had an experience as teaching assistant in chemistry for one semester
B. Mr. Gomes was Diana’s professor in her university
C. Diane wants to concentrate in the same field she has got before
D. Polymer chemistry is a specialty at the university of Colorado

24. What will Diane probably do after sending her application letter?
A. call Mr. Gomes
B. look forward for the reply
C. have a personal interview
D. continue her study

25. I would welcome the opportunity to have a personal interview.
The underlined word means ….
A. room
B. field
C. scope
D. chance


Demikian Soal UAS/ PAS  Ganjil Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMK Tahun  2020/ 2021. Semoga soal latihan ini bisa membantu sahabat Ahzaa dalam berlatih untuk menghadapi UAS/ PAS mendatang. 
Semoga Bermanfaat.

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