At first glance, title capitalization rules seem quite easy: capitalizing the first letter of every word. Actually, it’s not that simple and not all words are capitalized. So, to make you clear about title capitalization rules, here we’re going to […]

A and An Grammar Rules – A lot of people learned the rule that you should put a before a word that starts with a consonant and an before a word that starts with a vowel. However, it’s actually more […]

Among vs. Between – At first glance, we may find among and between are quite similar, but these two words actually have different uses. We may have known the general rule that between is used to connect two related objects, […]

Amount vs. Number – At first glance, amount and number look similar since they both are used in reference to the quantity of something. This similarity sometimes makes some English learners do the common mistake, thinking that they both are […]

The use of numbers in writing is inevitable in our everyday writing, especially in business and academic writings that involve numerical data. Spelling out the number or using figure seems to be asked most often by people as it may […]

As and like are commonly used in our daily conversation and writing. These words, however, are often confusing for some people since they are both used in comparing actions or situations. If you are one of those people, then keep […]

At first glance, bad and badly look simple and are quite easy to use. However, misusing both words is a common grammatical mistake, especially among the beginners. Mostly, people don’t realize that they use bad and badly incorrectly in their […]

Setelah di sesi sebelumnya kita membahas pengertian, penggunaan, dan rumus simple present tense, di kesempatan ini kita akan berlanjut membahas tentang bentuk pasif (passive voice) dari simple present tense. Sedikit berbeda dengan active voice yang menggunakan verb 1, secara umum […]